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Saturday, February 14

Inside my HEAD (bad pun intended)...

I never realized it but there might be a method to my madness- I was looking back over photos of trips and then walking around my apartment realizing that I might have a slight obsession with sphinxes, heads and the like!

And so we head (I just can't help myself) on a journey of what goes on in my head. If I were to think more about it, I might find other things in life that I obsess about out. But is it really an obsession? Do I just have passion and love for these objects? Why do these things make my heart skip a beat? On this Valentine's Day (yuck..ick...blah- not my favorite holiday) let's focus on things that we love.
I tell my clients- buy what you love- what makes you smile- for that what you have passion for will give you long term happiness.

What do you love?

Here is the pair of sphinxes that I found at the Paris flea market. They made me stop in my tracks. I thought about them long and hard for a whole day and night and then had to have them the next day.

Here is one of them months later in the window of my office (I wonder what people think when they walk down the street?)

On Capri...

At the Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris last fall- the Steinitz booth

The chair that I STILL think about and am so mad that I didn't get to buy (it was sold when I found it!)

Chateau de Groussay

Even YSL had one (you can see it to the left of the chandelier)

On a chair arm in Michael Smith's foyer-(check it out in case you missed my trip to Los Angeles last fall)

Another find from the Paris flea market- the pair now hangs in my dining room- door knockers converted into sconces

One of my more recent purchases- an andiron that sits on my bedside table ( I was inspired by Daryl Carter's new book and how he had a collection of them photographed in the book)

A close up on my bedroom dresser- see why I HAD to buy it!

PS. Thank you to Heather at Habitually Chic who taught me how do my blog posting in this new format. Let me know if it is easier to read this way.


J.Covington*Design said...

The knockers converted into sconces are great! What an idea. And the chair that you STILL think about and didn't buy - well I found similar pair in Brussels and sold them instantly and for the last 730 days still think about them....wishing I'd taken them home. Maybe I'll find another pair next month!

Buzz Kaplan said...

Hi Grant,

Your sphinxes are quite amazing--I have a thing for them too--and that shot of the Chateau de Groussay took my breath away. L'amour, l'amour.
I also thought you might enjoy a pair of green marble sphinxes we have in our gallery: here they are (19th Century French):
Love your blog,


ArchitectDesign said...

what a great collection! Let me email you pictures of my hall entry table with sphinx heads!

Serendipity said...

I also have a thing for sphinxes and would definetly stop in front of your office to admire your sphinx!


pve design said...

Your blog is one that is "head & shoulders" above!
Funny, when we suddenly realize our own collections take shape.
so easy to read, but never had a problem prior.

msen said...

Another great place to enjoy sphinxes is at Hearst Castle. Fun fact: Although his method of obtaining his ancient art was questionable, the docents who act as tour guides are not too happy when you question Mr. Hearst's ethics. I had a professor who was once banned from Hearst Castle for arguing with docents about Hearst starting the Spanish-American war with his newspapers.


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