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Tuesday, December 30

New Dining room!!!

I am so happy that my new dining room is all done.
It seems like it took MONTHS to complete (because it did!) Now I have a new appreciation for when clients get frustrated with delays and projects dragging on and on...but in all fairness it was like the story of the cobblers children. The clients come first and I snuck this project in right before the holidays. Thanks to everyone who helped! Xmas dinner was huge success!


ArchitectDesign said...

i love banquets -all dining rooms are so much more fun with one, don't you think? They make for the BEST parties! I hate rectangular dining tables. As soon as I get a bigger place my couch is being a banquet with my current dining table (also an ebay steal from baker)

columnist said...

That neoclassic mirror above your drinks table is very effective; it almost looks like a window through to another room.

Lauren said...

Love the banquette! have never seen one wrap so far around in a dining room & love your mix of comfort & elegance.


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