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Friday, February 13

JK Place-Capri

When in Capri last fall year I found the most amazing hotel - J.K. Place
The whole bottom floor of the hotel (where you end up hanging out) is very much like being in a great friends house- a living room- dining room-den- sitting room...
I was most in love with the BLUE walls and I was so inspired that I ended up painting my bedroom the same color.
(I ended up with the new color by Farrow and Ball- Drawing Room blue- more on my bedroom another time)
I also was very impressed with how they hid the tv above the fireplace within the mirror and I am looking for that special client who will let me do this for them.
The grouping of art...stacks of art books...modern mixed with traditional...Asian...fresh and white photos...and you can't beat the salty sea air on Capri.
I can't wait to check in for a longer time on a later trip! (Did I mention that the JK has a location in Florence as well...I am so eager to check this location out!)


My Notting Hill said...

I love this hotel. I've posted about it but only w/pics from their site so I love to see pics when people have stayed there! If you'd like to see the JK Florence's interiors head over to M. A.Belle

Again, thanks for a great way to start this Valentine's Day morning!

Pigtown-Design said...

Did you go to Anacapri at all? I love that more than Capri.

Buzz Kaplan said...

Did you ever wear capri's? I once did in Anacapri and Capri - I feel it's very important that your outfit be appropriate for the locale...NOTE TO GRANT--I fully understand if you decide not to post this ridiculous comment. But I couldn't help myself.


pve design said...

My Knotting Hill had posted on this and I see she is directing you there. I loved it then and now too. Something about all those dark walls, with crisp white and all that sun light.


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