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Tuesday, December 30

French sconces

Some of you may remember my falling in love in Paris (no no not with a person...I am happy as a clam in that department) but rather with a pair of sconces made of antique door knockers. They look amazing in the new dining room...
I just couldn't wait for them to arrive so I had them Fed Exed (and I burned that shipping receipt). The good news is that my container has arrived from Paris and I can't wait to go to my shipper and see my loot!


ArchitectDesign said...

wow -those are so totally awesome -you are right, we are long lost brothers. I LOVE your dining room -that armoire looks totally amazing -do you have other photos of it? I see that chair AGAIN! Where do you get these fantastic thing??

My Notting Hill said...

Love the sconces - and the twist molding too. So glad to have found your blog.

Scott Fazzini said...

I'm absolutely WILD about them!!! And, Grant, your apartment is dreamy!


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