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Tuesday, November 23


The time has arrived again for another pillow giveaway.

It's Thanksgiving week, so I thought that I would write and mention just how thankful I am for everyone that reads my blog and what I have to say.

My favorite workroom has sewn up this fun pair of zebra pillows (with a little bit of the leftovers from my Elle Decor showhouse project) with a very creative basketweave pattern with black and white grosgrain ribbon.

Leave a comment for me and tell me what you are doing over the Thanksgiving weekend holiday. I will randomly select a winner of this pair of pillows on Sunday, November 28th and mail them out to you on the 29th.
Please only enter one time. I look forward to hearing what you are up to and what some of your traditions are.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


ArchitectDesign™ said...

fabulous giveaway - sign me up! Unfortunately visiting my dad in the hospital for the holiday :-(

pippirose said...

Wonderfully fabulous giveaway!
I'm not doing anything Thanksgiving weekend--because we had ours last month!
pippirose59 at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Hi there!
For thanksgiving: wine, cheese & polish sausage from the best eastern european sausage shop in the midwest! Nummers!
In the meantime, those gorgeous pillows would certainly be a nice start to the holiday season.
Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays!

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

They are lovely! No need to enter me though... I won your last pillow giveaway!


Unknown said...


Visiting and sharing with family and filling in the gaps as my Mom passed away this year. Bitter sweet as it is Life is Good. Thank you for the fun of a pillow giveaway.


Brillante Interiors said...

Well, I may not qualify since we had Thanksgiving a month ago. It was a day of work, styling an apartment for photography session...finally home with a ready bought full monty Holiday dinner. Giving thanks before and after...

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Grant- Fabulous pillows made even more so with that Elle Decor connection!

For Thanksgiving, making two types of cranberry sauce (the boiled with sugar kind and the raw with orange peel kind) and giving great thanks for the health and happiness of my extended family.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving, I plan to relax, relax some more and then relax again. I really need some down time before I start a flurry of holiday decorating for clients. Those pillows would look great in my home.

kayce hughes said...

We are just having our family (we do have 7 kids) and my mother inlaw over for lunch. We all pitch in on the cooking that morning and read and play by the fire.

Yvonne said...

I am having Thanksgiving - 8 for dinner 18 for dessert. Also packing to move to my new home where the pillows would look fabulous. My best to you and yours for the holiday!


Anonymous said...

Hey Grant! I love your wonderful, creative ideas! Read the blog all the
time. I'm a 69 year old man who just loves beautiful, creative ideas, and
yours are the BEST! I've just redone my "den" ( I live in a condo here in
Daytona Beach, Florida) in beige, black, and white. Wow, I got excited
when I saw these pillows today. Please throw my name in the hat for the

Charles Allen

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pillows and love YOU!  I am grateful to receive your blog and have been so inspired by the teenage girls room you did for the showcase that I incorporated them into my own daughters room.  Although we do not have access to hand painted wall paper...we painted the wall behind her desk with chalk paint and she is able to use her amazing art tallents there.
Anyway, for Thanksgiving every year we bake cupcakes and decorate them to look like turkeys!  Nutterbutters for the head and neck, almonds for the beak, and candy corns for the feathers.  After preparing all of the traditional food and stuffing ourselves, we take our dog for a walk and talk about the things we are grateful for.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Jennifer Werhas

ash said...

Thanks for the opprotunity to win such wonderful pillows. I'll be visiting the family where I'm sure my mom will be fixing a dish she's NEVER made before and we will all wonder what was she was thinking! Happy Thanksgiving!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

Lovely pillows. I'll get a quick bite of bird at my mother in-law's and its back to packing up for next week's move.

Meg Brookman, Philip Jenck said...

Hi, Grant,

Life is fine in the beautiful city of Portland. Snow on the ground and delicious reruns of Nanny on the DVR for Thanksgiving. (You know how much Fran loves zebra prints!)

Peace and plenty to all - especially the woofies,


I should have bought that said...

I will be with my friends for a wonderful dinner. And then work the next day for me. I am a manager of a great antique shop.

Happy Thanksgiving

Jill Moran said...

Hey Grant-
What a creative way to use some remnants from your fabulous room at the Elle Decor Showcase House! We're going to visit my parents, my brother's family as well, so there will be mayhem with the little ones, and lots to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

pve design said...

Wonderfully chic give-away! We are spending the day in the city with friends. Not cooking as our home is under renovation - but we cannot wait for a new addition to celebrate....those pillows would be fab in our new kitchen lounge, all black and white with pops of orange!

Anonymous said...

Having neighbors and friends stop by for Champagne on their way to their respective Thanksgiving.
I enjoy your blog

Anonymous said...

Great giveaway! Family, fun, and food for Thanksgiving. Then, planning some antiquing. Already have my eye on a great French settee (gold gilt with burlap upholstery). Have a great holiday!

Karen T.

catss99 said...

Every year, 125! family members get together for dinner!
p.s. the pillows are really, really cool.

Mary Ladd said...

I cooked mushroom-sausage stuffing and other fixings for my family. We're headed to Sonoma, and I hope to check out some of the vintage finds (both wine and clothes-home items) on the Square.

Laura said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Dinner out with the hubby. Family is visiting later this week so I'm decorating for Christmas - my favorite time of year!

Karena said...

Grant I would be so thrilled to win these fabulous pillows!!

Thanksgiving with family. Coffe time with girlfriends, time with my guy!


Art by Karena

karen said...

My Thanksgiving weekend included hosting dinner at my home, a little Black Friday shopping, and now carefully cutting apart a vintage fur wrap to add to the cuff of a Christmas stocking I am designing.

Love the pillows!

Jodi said...

Our small family gathered around my mother for a last Thanksgiving. She is in hospice care in her beautiful home. Your blog along with the other designers who blog have kept me company while I sat with her in the hospital during her treatment.

We prepared our traditional beef tenderloin and made it a special occasion.
jodikrueger at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pillows! Sign me up...Scott was here for Thanksgiving and I loved every minute. I just took him to the airport to return to college. Get to see him again at Christmas.

Visited with your Dad a few months ago - his new home is astonishing. I'm so inspired by your familial talents...I'm in that lineage...still hoping some of it will seep through my veins, too!


Julia Modarresi said...

This Thanksgiving we are enjoying our family time with my adult and teenage children. And eating lots of good Persian food including a new dish I created, basmanti rice with saffron, pomegranate and pistachio to go with the roast turkey . The kids went to see Harry Potter while I snoozed on the couch, all together one of the best holidays we've ever had.
What a lovely give away!
Sign me up!

Jon said...

Hi Grant

I love these pillows! My plans are to visit my family and drink plenty of wine with my friends!

By the way, love your blog and your style. Wish you were located closer to Atlanta, GA.


Jon Chapman, Atlanta, GA

Jon said...

Hi Grant

I love these pillows!

My plans are to visit with my family and drink plenty of wine with my friends!

By the way, love your blog and your style. Wish you were closer to Atlanta, GA!!!


Jon Chapman, Atlanta, GA

Vickie H. said...

Hope it is not too late to be included in the giveaway drawing!
Just got back in from out of town with family for the holiday. Wonderful pillows!

Anonymous said...

Making tamales! As you may or not know, the best ones are made here in Tucson.

Richard Louis Bustamante

Eleanor said...

i didnt so do much for this thanksgiving for various reasons: 1. i live in ireland so the holiday isnt celebrated and 2. it snowed! (so obviously i had to play in the snow and then curl up in front of the fire) 3. i speant a lot of it tidying my bedroom. now i have enough space for those pillows!

Grant K. Gibson said...

Congrats to pve design for winning the pillows!

Thanks everyone for entering. Loved hearing about your weekend fun and all of your traditions.


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