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Tuesday, November 30


You might be asking yourself, why is Grant writing about salsa.

Well, it's some of the BEST stuff that I have ever tired and UNTIL TODAY it has only been available at the resturant where it is made: Papalote in San Francisco (located on 24th Street with another location on Fulton).

If you happen to watch Throwdown with Bobby Flay- you might recall a recent episode where Bobby Flay lost to the Escobedo brothers.

If Bobby Flay can't make salsa better, doesn't this tell you something?

If you live locally in San Francisco, you can now buy this at Rainbow Grocery or select Whole Foods or if you are not local- now available on their website.

Roasted tomato salsa. You could be done with your holiday shopping REALLY fast this year! I promise this is perfect for every foodie or person that has everything on your list.


YHBHS said...

my curiousity is peaked! thanks for the salsa tip.....:)

Anonymous said...

I ordered some.. can hardly wait! ;)

D. Scott Tjaden

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely be giving this salsa a try! Thanks for the tip!

Karen T.


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