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Friday, April 12


I was re-watching a favorite the other day: Harold and Maude.  I think that Harold's mother has the best hat ever -  look at the Greek key detailing!

Thursday, April 11


I was at my local framer the other day (where I seem to be spending a lot of time recently.)  The framer asked me about my approach to narrowing and selecting from all the options.  I thought about it for a bit and have come up with the following: I search for a frame that complements but does not overpower the art.  In my opinion, you want the art to be the focal point - to have the frame help draw the eye inwards to focus and highlight the piece.  As a rule, I tend towards simple frame options.  How do you pick a frame for your pieces without getting overwhelmed with the options?

Tuesday, April 9

It's a wrap

I have a thing for grosgrain ribbon.  Black grosgrain ribbon to be exact.  I tend to tie up all of my gifts with it. It has become a sort of signature of mine.  I have a whole drawer full of all kinds of widths.  Always available on a moment's notice to add a special little detail to a gift.   Do you have any tips for adding the special touch to your gifts?

Monday, April 8


We interrupt our usual blog posts with a very important announcement:

Campbell and Wallace turned 20 over the weekend!   They are just the greatest pair.  As you can see by the photo they are having a ball!  They can't wait to be able to drink champagne next year! 
Cheers to my very special Westies.

Friday, April 5

Playing with patterns

I just had to share my new napkins from Madeline Weinrib.  I love the modern, graphic black and white chevron.  They work so well with my antique French Creil plates!  I enjoy mixing styles and patterns in every facet of decor.   Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 3

Tulips, part two

Fresh flowers, yeah yeah, I mentioned a few weeks back that just picking up a bunch at your local grocery store can really brighten up a space. With tulips especially, I love watching them go through all of the phases.  This bunch was almost on the way out to the compost bin, but I just loved the petals dropping.  I didn't touch or move a thing for this photo. The composition was just beautiful- watching the flowers decay over time.

Tuesday, April 2

Colorful bistro

Who knew you could have Bistro chairs in so many colors?

At recent trip to Flora Grubb, I was amazed at all of the color options.
You could really spice up your exterior seating with these great colors- or even your interior with adding some color to your breakfast room chairs.  What do you think?  Have any favorite colors?

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