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Friday, January 11

Pulling the plug

For a variety of reasons, I recently canceled cable TV and switched over to Apple TV, where I can rent TV shows and movies and stream Netflix. One of the ideas behind my pulling the plug (literally, in this case) is that I felt that I spent too much time watching things that I didn't particularly love – or even like.  I love going to the movies - and also staying in and renting them and enjoying a big bowl of popcorn.
This past holiday season really reminded me of my love of this.

I went to see:  Les Miserables, Argo and Silver Linings Playbook.  On New Year’s Eve, I rewatched The English Patient.  I started the fifth season on Breaking Bad, re-watched lots of movies on VHS, and, after hearing everyone rave about Homeland, I started the first season.

Getting rid of cable has allowed me to really focus on what I want to watch.  I feel in way that I have a bit more control over my time.   What do you think?  Would you ever pull the plug the way I have?
Do you have any film or TV show suggestions that you love?   I’m be eager to hear!


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

You have to try Danish TV - it is sooooo - well I don't have a goodo enough adjective but - good.

The Killing - series 1, 2, 3
It's the one that has the famous jumper.

The Bridge - amazing half Swedish half Danish - production.

Borgen - the Danish version of West Wing.

I promise you will not regret it!

Just don't blame me if you can't get any work done.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

tempting...Apple TV has been a recent topic of conversation in our house as well.

Recommendations....what you already have. The Big Chill. A personal favorite. And highly recommend visiting Beaufort, SC where it was filmed. You would love the homes...and the equally interesting people

mary said...

Hi Grant, I pulled the plug about 8 years ago. Then I had a short relapse about 4 years ago and even bought a new gorgeous TV to watch the Lakers.........after about 6 months I gave the TV to my daughter and have been unplugged ever since. I get all the information/news I need from the internet. I think I will check out AppleTV and spend the cable money on a new super MAC. Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

We never did get cable.

Love netflix and what can be streamed on the internet.

For me it is the same as why I no longer buy magazines and only go with decorating blogs now....with the internet - I get to choose....and part of that leads to personal discovery...and finding what touches you, instead of what someone has decided should touch you.

Annette said...

I got rid of my TV in May of 2001. If I want to watch something, it can be found on the internet or loaned from the local public library. There's also a wonderful video store near my apartment that caters to the movie buffs and has a huge collection of old films. Plus, there's nothing uglier than a giant TV plastered to the wall.

Lynne Rutter | the Ornamentalist said...

I killed the cable a few years ago and it's been just great. No more flipping through channels or hitting the mute button -- no more ads, no more waiting for the show to start. Netflix one at a time, it's plenty.
Check out Black Adder and Jeeves and Wooster - some old BBC series that are just great.
Have you ever seen "Posh Nosh" a great series of 10 minute shorts, I think you can see it on YouTube. It's so great, I play episodes in my head over and over.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Breaking Bad. I can't wait to read your thoughts on the upcoming second half of season 5.

Have you tried watching either The Walking Dead or The Newsroom on HBO?

As for movies, Zero Dark Thirty is surprisingly a good movie.

Julia Walsh said...

I do the same thing for the same reasons! I love Apple TV. Roku is good too. Don't pay for cable; never have. And I bought rabbit ears so I can still get the news : )

Karen Albert said...

I think you have me convinced Grant.
Adore Out of Africa, great film and for the music alone...

Art by Karena

Designland said...

I have Cable so I can see Homeland, Dexter, Breaking Bad but then I see my daughter finds it on the internet for free? It is a dilemna because as we all give up cable they may not be able to make these compelling series which are being fueled by profit. On the other hand the cable companies have a monopoly and are charging exorbitant fees. I watch a lot of things created by the BBC or Canadian TV were public monies support quality television. Currently I am watching a french series Spiral (a cross between The Wire and Law and Order).

Lavender said...

Happy New Year, Grant, from a fan in Toronto, Canada. Although, technically the plug is still in, I only watch the movie channels; I stopped watching T.V. more than 5 years ago because of the inundation of God awful reality shows and repeated programs ad-nauseum. Even, my favourite design shows repeated sooooo many times that they now get on my nerves. Also, the formats are so scripted that even with new episodes, you could almost shout out their lines before they’re spoken. I truly believe that the height of fantastic T.V. programing in architecture and design shows was reached 10 years ago. Barring some exceptions, it’s been downhill all the way.

As for the LOUD commercials that come on every 5 to 7 minutes (which I think we all automatically mute), it makes me laugh when I think back to my Dad taking down the antenna tower at our house because the newly introduced cable service in our neighbourhood would provide…yippee…commercial free programming. How short lived was that!

Well, enjoy your movies and pass along your pics...we love to share. Bianca

Artecase said...

Hello from Paris. I moved here almost four years ago and we never bought a TV and I've never missed it for a second. Downloading shows and reading more is the way to go!

Love your blog! and the recipes you post!


TJ said...

MI-5/Spooks on Netflix streaming. Also Rescue Me (I didn't get into it until it was over on TV).

Grant K. Gibson said...

Grant I so love your blogs!!!!
They make me smile every time
And make my morning.
Yes I much prefer Netflix especially all the great documentaries trying to get Dad, not yet though.

Wishing you a great 2013!!!
Miss you.
Love, Lynn

Anonymous said...

I love Homeland, Dexter, Breaking Bad and Classic Movies; My Girl Friday, Charade and North by Northwest with Cary Grant. I grew up watching Doris Day movies and love watching/ listening to her today. (We take our dog Ida to the Cypress Inn in Carmel every now and then).

Cocoa's owner
Sent from my iPhone

Anonymous said...

Well done I feel exactly the same my husband has been talking a lot about Apple TV I'm curious how it works out for you you must blog more about it.

Anne Guerrini
LUXE interiors by anne...

Anonymous said...

Downton Abbey, for sure! If you haven't watched yet, you will love it for the interiors alone.

I so enjoy your blog and have always admired your interiors tremendously when I see them in magazines. I really thought you should also know how much I love receiving an unexpected new posting in my inbox. You have a tremendously refined vision that is apparant in your interiors and your photos, as well as such a positive message all of the time. It's clear that you have an appreciation for beauty in all things and I thank you for sharing it. It makes my day to see a picture of a gorgeous flower arrangement, a great dish that you've made or a vignette from one of your rooms - plus your adorable dogs! Thank you for reminding me to appreciate all of the day-to-day things that make our lives so rich.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Barbara Christopherson

Anonymous said...

Ha ha - I too own all those movies - except I hated The English Patient.

I've unplugged & replugged more than once. Currently plugged bec of hbo, etc. Will think of some if our faves but off the top of my head Downton Abby, Episodes, bored to death, Wilfred to name a few. Xxxxx

Sent from my iPhone

Anonymous said...

We have Always unplugged the TV for the
Month of August.
It stated when my son was small (he is now 24)
August was about reading books, playing board games
and plain togetherness with conversation.

Anonymous said...

Good for you...I also decided there was a lot of TV that I watched but didn't particularly enjoy. Early last year I bought a roku and have experimented with different streaming sites...decided on netflix and amazon prime as the keepers. Amazon prime also gets me free shipping on many books and videos for the annual fee. I now watch what I like when I want and definately feel that my time is better spent.

Anonymous said...


I pulled the plug two years ago. There have only been two times when I longed for TV - news coverage of the 'Arab Spring' and during a weather event. Otherwise, I am pleased with the extra time I have for Netflix movies and documentaries and for reading books.

Good for you for taking control!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Grant! Your favorites are also some of my favorites. They are not
"fly-by-nighters," but genuinely good writing, great story lines, and
great actors "acting!" I've got several shelves lined with old cassettes
and new(er) DVD's. I live alone, now, since my wife died 8 years ago of
cancer. Some of those "oldies" we bought together. They are great company
for me now. What a lovely coincidence that you "blogged" about the
subject today.

Hope 2013 is very kind, healthy, and prosperous for you!

As always,
Charles Allen
Daytona Beach, FL

robyn said...

Same here, canceled cable and went w roku and havent looked back. It bugged me to pay for cable 80% useless fluff. I can now cherry pick handful of well written shows at amazon instant video. Downton, mad men, oh and guilty pleasures like real housewives beverly hills (yes for the interiors and fashion.)

SARENA said...

i like sony & i had it is really good


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