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Wednesday, January 9


Campbell and Wallace just wanted to say hi!  They recently got groomed for the holidays (well, I missed Christmas but was in time for New Year.).  As you can see, they're enjoyed lots of sleepy hours lounging this winter.


Michael Hampton said...

Those are some pampered pooches like they should be! Say hi from all of us.

Kathy said...

G...Jack and Tiggy, my Parson Russells, missed their groom time this season due to a busy mom. They have been carefree and a bit haughty, zipping around the house. This Friday, 8am, will change that! ;) k

Anonymous said...

Are they wearing cashmere?

mary said...

Campbell and Wallace look so handsome! Jones got groomed for New Year's Eve, also. What would the world be like without our beasties?

Anonymous said...

Too cute for words :)


Anonymous said...

Such an adorable picture!! They really do look MISTREATED!!! :-)
HAPPY NEW YEAR...9 days late!
Charles Allen

Anonymous said...



J.W. said...

Hello Campbell and Wallace! My Corgi was so handsome after his holiday groomings...if I could keep him from rolling in the dirt straight away :)

Joan Troyer said...

Nice cute dogs!

Anonymous said...

Soooo cute!



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