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Monday, December 3

New York, New York

There is nothing like a trip to New York - especially right after Thanksgiving with everything decorated for the holidays.

My week was filled with meetings with editors, meeting with vendors about projects, sourcing for items
which provided great inspiration to bring back home.

The windows at Bergdorf Goodman are always a delight, lunch at Fred’s, walking by my old apartment building (which seems like years ago, but wasn’t really that long ago) and looking for just the right shade of green trim for a project.

I loved putting on my winter coat and the thick knitted wool scarf from my trip to Paris earlier this year.  The city was buzzing, but after traveling, I do love being back home.  

Hope that you have a great week!


mary said...

I love New York; lived there fore two years and in certain ways, still miss it. Welcome Home.

Karen Albert said...



ArchitectDesign™ said...

yes NYC is always fun. Do you ever sit down -always on the move! haha. Sounds like a lot of exciting developments though!

Anonymous said...

Nicepost Mr GG



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