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Wednesday, December 5

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Freshly cut garden roses, handpicked from a friend’s garden in Carmel just a week ago.  The colors, the texture and naturally the smell.   I cut this grouping and then enjoyed them for days on my desk.  They have since died and they are only a memory.  Beauty and inspiration come in some many places.  I am always surprised when things happen that trigger a memory.  Growing up in Los Angeles, we had dozens and dozens of rose bushes.  There was a white picket fence with roses climbing all over them.  When they were in full bloom it was really one of the most beautiful sights.  I remember there always being bunches of cut roses all around the house. 


Anonymous said...


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Karen Albert said...

Grant those memories of growing up and the florals in the yard never go away. We had so many peonies, hollyhocks, lilies of the valley, many more, all precious too me!


Wall Decal Company said...

I love the smell of roses, romance is in the air.

Windlost said...

After many years of denial I have finally accepted that roses, though perhaps cliché, are my favorite flowers!

Xo Terri

red ticking said...

i can smell them from here... even with my nasty cold!
made me smile... thank you grant. xx


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