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Monday, November 26

Mushroom Bourguignon

When did eating get so complicated?  I recently threw a dinner party with a long list of food issues or lifestyle preferences - which included everything from gluten- free to vegetarian and no dairy.  Low carb still seems to still be a big trend.  Then there is local buying and organic.  With all of the options and what we should be eating and not be eating, it can be a tad overwhelming.  I am trending these days into adding lots of fresh veggies and fruits.  Back to the basics.  A few weeks ago, I shared the kale salad that I’m loving of late.  I received emails from around the country about how people loved that such a healthy salad could taste so good.  Especially with the extra temptations that come along with the holiday season, when I have a quiet dinner at home, I try to cook as healthy as possible.
This recipe has become a favorite - and such a simple go to.  A one-pot wonder, as I like to call it.  You could make this in a crock-pot if you have one, though it is not necessary.

Mushroom Bourguignon

1 bottle of red wine (this doesn’t have to be expensive - 2 buck Chuck will do!)
3 lbs. fresh mushrooms (I use a mix of white button, portabella and crimini)
fresh thyme
a few bay leaves
1 yellow onion
4 cloves of garlic
1 package of pearl onions (I find these peeled in the frozen section, use fresh if you can find them)
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons flour
2 tablespoons of tomato paste

In a large stock pot- add chopped onion to olive oil over medium heat.  Then add minced garlic and pearl onions. While this is all cooking and caramelizing, start slicing and chopping your mushrooms.   (You can slice them, half them or quarter them- or a mix of all of the above).  Add the mushrooms to the onions.  (At this point the pot is going to be pretty full to the top.  Don’t worry, this is all going to cook down).  I like to add in sprigs of fresh thyme (a good handful - use dried if you don’t have fresh) and good helping of salt and pepper and the tomato paste and the bay leaves. Open a bottle of wine (pour yourself a taste or a glass if you like) and pour it over the mushrooms.  Put a lid on the pot and let it cook down for around an hour.  (I like to check back in on the cooking part and just give it a good stir every so often).   You can leave the cooked down stew on the stovetop for a few hours and then reheat before serving.  I like to take the 2 tablespoons of flour with a splash of warm water and mix it together and then add it to the pot to thicken it up just a bit.

The original adaption of this recipe suggested serving this over egg noodles.
I have not tried that myself, but have served it over polenta and most recently mashed cauliflower (for a healthy mashed potato option). 

Check back soon for my new favorite, mashed cauliflower!

Hope that you enjoy this alternative to Beef Bourguignon.  It’s a hearty meal that will make people think that you slaved in the kitchen for hours!


mary said...

This sounds fantastic--no gluten, no potatoes, no meat==no complaints. I bet you could serve it over rice pasta and stil be gluten free. Yummy.

Kitchen Afternoon said...

To accomodate all, I do antipasto platters, that way people and hunt and peck.

butik busana muslim murah tanah abang said...

This really is wonderful article ! I simply love’d it !

Anonymous said...

Love you Grant, thank you for your blog!! Happy Holidaze!



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