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Wednesday, October 24


 I have to say that I might have the world’s best bath mat warmer!

People often ask me where to go for dinner when visiting San Francisco.  By some fluke a reservation opened up last week at a normal time (not 5 pm for the early bird special or 10 pm, which is way past my bedtime!).  If you are lucky enough to grab a coveted reservation, I highly suggest Frances.


We designed this clean-lined coffee table for a client and recently installed it.  I can't wait to accessorize it with a few design books on top. The color is a pale greige (a cross between grey and beige), which I am really loving these days.

I had the pleasure of being invited to a dinner party a few weeks ago.  A few special moments with a three year old before she goes off to bed are just precious.  Seeing how children learn and grow is inspirational.


mary said...

To inspire a child to create is the most precious gift we can give. Have a great day.

Karen Albert said...

Dear Grant,
I really enjoyed this post. Our precious pets and the inspiration of children always warm my heart.

Art by Karena

J.W. said...

Your bath mat warmer matches the bath mat!


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