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Monday, October 29

My campaign story

With political campaigns in full swing, I thought that I would share my own personal campaign story with you.

My campaign isn’t about politics, but rather furniture.  I am an interior designer after all.

For a while, I’ve been enamored with the simplicity of campaign furniture.  There is such history behind it.  I love the clean lines and the accents of brass that complete the look.

For a recent project, we were challenged with finding a piece that would function in our client’s foyer.  The challenge was that the space was small and somewhat dark, so we thought something colorful would brighten up the space.  The client has two young boys – which adds the additional challenge to find something that could hold shoes and toys and be tucked away.   We looked at dozens of options and always landed back on the campaign style.  The only problem was that they were too big, too deep, not big enough, or not the right color.  So I set out to work with one my of furniture builders and designed and sketched out a piece that would be custom-sized to perfectly suit my clients’ needs.  What I love about this client is their willingness to take a chance on a custom piece and also really willing to push the limits and go BOLD with the color - as you can see.  The high gloss lacquer is not quite pink, but a tad more raspberry.  The combination with the brass hardware is a perfect match. 

While I am not very political, I surely will be voting next week.  This is about as close as I will get to the campaign trail.  I think that my clients are the real winners here.  I have to admit that I am rather jealous of this new piece that they get to see every time they walk into their house.  I hope that it will provide years of use and the happy color will put a smile on their faces every day.


My Notting Hill said...

Both the design and color are gorgeous! If your clients have had a hard day, coming home to that stylish piece will be sure to make them feel better.
I grew up with campaign furniture in bright yellow and still have that piece in my basement. You've reminded me it may be time to resurrect it. Hope this finds you well.

lsellers said...

Love your campaign piece. I do hope we'll get to see it in its home.

Henhurst Interiors said...

I am also feeling a little jealous. What a fabulous piece.
All best,

MJH Design Arts said...

I love the color!! Period 19th c. pieces or new campaign furniture usually makes it perfect. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your campaign chest!!!! Miss Martha

Jaime said...

Beautiful, what a fun pop of color! And I agree, I love the brass hardware. It's wonderful to have clients who are willing to take a risk! Nicely done Grant.

kayce hughes said...

Pink campaign is perfection!

Anonymous said...

Grant, I don't usually respond to this sort of thing, but I could
not resist today. Back in the late 1960's...about '68 or '69, I think, my
wife and I went shopping for new bedroom furniture. We thought we wanted
"French Provincial." However, while roaming our town's largest furniture
store, we discovered a Henredon line of
"Campaign"...with the straight, boxy lines and the brass fittings on the
corners. It was "clean" and least to us...and we bought the
double dresser and two night stands and a "king" headboard with very tall
corner posts.
It has served us/me (I lost my wife to cancer 8 years ago) and I still
live the look. It is rather timeless, I've learned. After her death, I
downsized to a queen bed and now have a new headboard that blends well.
But, the dresser and two night stands are as good as new and just as
beautiful and stylish!

I do enjoy your blog and the wonderful information that it offers. Thank

Charles Allen
Daytona Beach, Florida

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful Grant! Great wishes Catherine

Anonymous said...

Love it


Sent from my iPad

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Grant what a tremendous choice. The client gets style, function and a thrill every time they enter their home. You've inspired me to get on the campaign band wagon!

Laurent said...

I feel less confident, to be honest, of the campaign 'style' than of the reasoning your present for the piece's colouration in the setting where you've committed it. This is the gateway to the home. I think the boldness and the playfulness of the logic speak for themselves. A timely contribution of gentle, persuasive substance.

Anonymous said...

That photo is GORGEOUS....I think you should print the photo and hang it on your entry wall.....

the designers muse said...

Love the pink campaign chest! Very creative. My parents had a campagne chest...loved learning about the purpose and origins of the chest when i was young. Love your updated version as well.

the designers muse said...

Love the Pink campagne chest. What a creative twist on an old classic!

Lavender said...

Can you share your furniture maker achieved that finish? Thanks.


Alex said...

That indeed is some really nice campaign furniture. Love the color. Thanks for sharing this.

Nancy said...

This is fantastic and I love love love the color!
xo Nancy


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