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Friday, July 27

1984 Olympics

The Olympics open in London today.   It’s an exciting day for people around the world.

I admit that I don’t tune into many of the events - but I still find it all rather thrilling.

As a boy, I was lucky enough to attend the Olympics in Los Angeles.  My father took me to the closing ceremony.  I honestly don’t recall too much of it – as I fell asleep amidst the excitement of the night’s festivities.  Keep in mind that I was just a wee little boy in 1984.  From what I have heard it was a fun night. 

I remember getting a T-shirt (that I kept for years) and stamps for my collection (yes, I collected stamps).

I called my father (who reads my blog) yesterday and we reminisced about the night.  It’s a memory that we’ll always share.  It’s funny how certain events trigger memories and thoughts.  Like I said, I don’t really remember much - but I do remember being there and falling asleep!  I can only imagine how much my ticket cost.  Perhaps my falling asleep is why I still hear about it to this day…

Do you have any special Olympic memories?  Will you be watching this summer?

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

We went to the 1960 Olympics in Squaw
Valley in those days you parked and went
to watch whatever you wanted no cost no
to tickets !!!!!


yer maw n paw said...

i remember the 1984 la olympics too, but i remember not going, much to my dismay. there is something inspiring and moving about the olympics: the unity, the dedication.

Anonymous said...

The Sarajavo olympics always resonate with me. There was always soft snow falling and everyone looked so happy. And it was (as I recall) winter in Chicago, and my (ex) partner and I sat on the white haitian cotton sectional (remember those?) and couldn't get enough. How sad that years later there was such danger and bloodshed associated with the location. I love the mental picture of you collecting stamps and keeping the tee shirt and being asleep with your dad at the end...

Anonymous said...

I love these posts and moments in time in your life.
It reminds me that you are a REAL person and not just a fancy designer!


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