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Wednesday, December 16

A quick trip to New York...

A quick trip to New York is inspirational and the perfect way to end the year.
I think that this really jump started me into the holiday mood.
The crisp cold air- the holiday windows (Bergdorf & Barney's were amazing)-
Jumping into taxis- bundled up in cashmere- trees sold on the street- every store decorated beautifully- walking around Central Park- seeing old friends- meeting with editors. There is nothing quite like it...

Exciting to be working on a new project with a new client and had great meetings.
There is something that I really miss about living in New York- but there is nothing like flying back home too.

Enjoy just a few random moments from my iphone of my quick three day trip.


Transformations Home Stylists said...

Great shots Grant- You caught the "Christmas is in the air" feeling perfectly. The Bergdorfs windows are maybe their best ever- the attention to detail is astounding. Thanks for the armchair visit-I miss NY too! Robin

Pigtown-Design said...

Perfectly captured! You've got the spirit.

I was supposed to go up to NYC on Monday, but I am swamped at work. Bummed.

Philip Bewley said...

Hi Grant!
My brother works in Manhattan, and he loves it. He Ice skates in Rockefeller Plaza with his team after work!
How fun!

Easy Does It Redesign and Consulting said...

Lucky you - certainly no place like NY during the holidays. I miss it. Thanks for sharing the spirit!

Ashley said...

I was able to spend Thanksgiving in NY. I miss it seeing your pictures! It is such a great place to get in the Christmas spirit. The windows at Lord and Taylor's were great too, but Bergdorf's was my favorite. Thanks for the pictures!

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

Grant, great pictures. I was in New york, last weekend. It truly becomes magical this time of the year. You indeed captured the spirit of Christmas in New York.
Wishing you & your loves a very Merry Christmas! ~maureen


OK I nearly cried at the blue and white china shots...Everyone should see New York for Christmas at least once. Thanks, Darling Grant

LizaE said...

Oh those stone urns and columns by the doorway got me! I took so many photos of doorways on my trip to London this summer, it isn't even funny, and it isn't as though i've never been there before. I grew up there for goodness sake!! Thank you for sharing your photos with us.

Liza E

La Maison Fou said...

Me too!!!
Luv New York in December!!!
I am planning an annual event to do this every year, starting with this year ( last week)....
Thanks for reminding me what I left behind, & you are right there is nothing like going home!!

style chronicle said...

Lovely images. What stores had all that blue and white?? I am headed to NYC right after Christmas and would love to visit those shops!! said...

Waw how nice, a trip to new york, I will do one this year also :-)

Very nice shops, sad there are no names. I want to make a big list of things to see in New York.



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