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Friday, December 4

The starburst mirror

After hanging this in a clients house today because we BOTH agreed that it would be perfect above the fireplace in the dining room- it makes me think: IS this a trend that everyone is sick of? Do we see the starburst everywhere and it isn't unique and different anymore? Or does that really matter at all? If it works- the client and I both like it then is that is all that really matters?

I think that this whole topic came to my mind after reading The Peak of Chic earlier this week with discussing books such as Osa Johnson's I Married Adventure and its now cover that is seen in every design publication and maybe overly placed? This brings a whole new meaning to not judging a book by it's cover.

Let's discuss.
Would love to know what YOU think.


style chronicle said...

Love your blog and your work! Personally, I am not a big starburst mirror girl, but I believe you should decorate with whatever makes you happy and not worry about "trends."

LizaE said...

I love starburst mirrors in the right setting but don't follow trends. If the mirror fits, hang it! Live with things you love. Good design transcends time and trends.

Liza E

My Place said...

There's a big difference between a mirror and a book. Books should be random. The 'placement' of a certain book is odd and off. I agree with Liza that if the mirror fits, the client loves it and it works---then roll with it. Once it starts feeling trite to the homeowner he can change it out. If it doesn't, better yet.
I think a lot of us get the idea that something is 'trendy' because of magazines and catalogs, not from actually seeing it private homes. It is what it is and if it works it's great. That's all that matters.

Greet said...

I love the sarburst mirror a lot! Here in Belgium we don't see it a lot! So to me, it is surely not too much seen!
And I think that you have to choose decotative items you really love! A thing of beauty is a joy forever, isn't it?

Have a nice weekend!

Things That Inspire said...

I bought a starburst mirror 6 years ago, an Italian antique from the 19th century. When I first hung it, people would comment on how unique it was. Now, I do feel like we are seeing them everywhere. I still love mine, though - it makes me smile every time I see it. And, it is not the type that can be mass produced - it is hand carved and has a lot of intricate detail - so it is still unique among the starburst mirrors that I am seeing pop up in the stores and the magazines.

Scott Fazzini said...

Grant, I think that way about sooo many things. It especially breaks my heart when design staples, such as the starburst or sunburst mirror, becomes over saturated in the home furnishings market. I'm all about bringing great design to the masses, but sometimes worry that these pieces can becomes easily bastardized. In my mind the only sunburst mirror that exists, and one that I passionately covet, is the one designed by the venerable Albert Hadley for Baker. The scale, proportion, and finish are spot on. (Sorry for the extremely verbose comment!)

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

All the comments that before me... I agree with
most if what was stated. Although, I have for
over 25 years in being a designer... Been very
careful to protect my vision & intergity within
my work for my clients and myself. I can't @cookie
cutter look. Although, know many, many designers that
do that & do it quite... They also make a lot of
money working that way. But, I believe the test
that will set you apart from others... Is be true to
your vision & that will and had set you apart from
the pack. You're a true talent & very gifted. Never
forget that. So ditch the sunbust next time & let your
brillance shine!! - maueern P.S. I was told this almost
same advice from one of the great designers .. After
being designing for about 5 years. The late & wonderful,
Mark Hampton.

Grant K. Gibson said...

Thanks Style Chron & LizaE- I also believe that you should design with what works. Forget about trends.

My Place- I guess that if my client starts seeing all of her friends having the mirror- then she can think of changing it or just sticking with it!

Greet- We will have to sent some to you! Design what you love is what I always say- then you will always be happy.

Things that Inspire- Your mirror sounds lovely! It is it on your blog?

Scott- Anything Albert Hadley is perfection in my eyes. Totally hear you with this brining to the mass market.

Maureen- Mark Hampton! Love! This is the first starburst that I have done for a client. It works so well and she loves it. I try to run from cookie cutter designs- so not me at all. Every client is so different and each really should have their own look. It is our job as designers to do this!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

When considering what is a over used trend or an overused piece we must put all things in perspective.

For example. There are a number of Hickory Chairs that I see used in a number of installations done by various designers and that to me is overrated. I would not want to spend $2500 on a single chair and then log on to find that 6 other people also have the same chair.

In the same concept you must also take into consideration the environment. In blogland you may see a number of pieces used more and more often. However, do when you consider you own neighborhood and or your friends, perhaps you are still one of few with the Hickory Chair.

Not everyone read blogs or have their homes featured in blogs. Not everyone has access to "trade only" items.

The sunburst mirror maybe overrated because it is seen in mass produced stores and even more massly selected by designers. I just dont think sunburst mirrors are everyones thing and with that not everyone or a majority of people will have them.

As stated earlier, I see a number of mirrors in blog land, but none of the houses I visit have a sunburst mirror. I myself, purchased a sunburst mirror from Goodwill...heavy...unique...$20. I wont use it until sometime next year when I buy a house, but even at that time I dont forsee every house in my neighborhood having a sunburst mirror.

Another point, I might add, is that when there is a good idea, there is a good idea. When there is a GREAT idea, theres a GREAT idea.

For example: a good idea were those "beata fish" I show popping up EVERYWHERE! EVERYONE literally had one. A GREAT idea are doggies and kitties. Good ideas tend to last a short time. GREAT ideas seem to last forever.

Sunburst mirrors, hickory chairs, et all. Good ideas.

Mirror TVS, microwaves...GREAT ideas. said...


Trends are trends, I am not saying that we don't get influenced by them. It's just that we have to use what we like or what we find wonderful, not what the magazines say :-)


naomi said...

Aahhh - the double edge curse of the trend. Something is so beautiful that it ends up catching on - through word of mouth so to speak - then publications and then it spreads like wildfire. Then the thing of beauty gets maligned through no fault of its own!

Starburst mirrors are seen often because they do often work - it doesn't seem to clash (wonder if its because it is based on the sun that works as well in the sun as in the snow?) Great symbolism of energy. Mind you - you could make most things work...

My Notting Hill said...

I think it is a classic. Eventually the people who hung their sunburst mirror because it was trendy will take it down and hang up something different.

A few years ago I almost put away my coral and seashells but decided to keep them because they made me happy. Also - congrats on the feature in House Beautiful. Loved your tv set-up - it was the best solution of them all.

Brillante Home Decor said...

I agree with your comment on "Peak" that books are to be read, not used only as part of decoration. The mirror? I believe is timeless.

The Peak of Chic said...

Grant, my vote is for classic. Just wait it out and the sunburst mirror will be unique again soon.

Love the Home You're With said...

Classics NEVER go out of style! Robin

Lacquered Life said...

I'm a big believer in using what you love! However, I think that "Things that Inspire" had the right idea when she bought a very special starburst mirror for herself. If you are buying something in a catalog just because you have seen it in a million magazines, then you are going about it all wrong--but if you buy something special like an antique starburst mirror because you fall in love with it, that's what the fun of decorating is all about! I had a similar post this week on the proliferation of zebra, and about how much I absolutely adore it--and posted a pic of your amazing apartment! Thanks for all the inspiration!

home before dark said...

Love the mirror. I, too, think it is a classic. People who love classics will be pleased for a long time. People who need to be trendy will change it anyway in time. So agree with Brillante about books needing to be personal not "placed." Trends I would personally like to stamp out: books placed backwards or being color blocked in bookcases. ARRRGH! If a person doesn't love and honor books, use something else. Glad to see you are getting noticed. Big Time!

magnaverde said...

I'm not such a sheep that I would buy something merely because it happens to be trendy, but I'm not so obsessed with my own 'individuality' that I would hesitate to buy something simply because lots of other people already have it, and I'm certainly not so insecure that I would get rid of something that I like simply because it's been around so long that trendy people consider it dated. In fact, that's the best time to buy stuff, because people sometimes unload incredible stuff for pennies on the dollar. I just buy what I buy.

Right now, though, I'm waiting for someone to declare room-size Art Deco Chinese rugs from the 192Os--especially those in combinations of jade green, coral, black & lilac--
especially heinous. Out they go!

Oh, and I'm in total agreement with My Notting Hill about your brilliant, hiding-in-plain-sight TV camouflage in House Beautiful. Less is more.

Southern Aspirations said...

my vote is for classic as well. I wish it hadn't become so commonplace, but there it is and I still love it.

W. Adair said...

The minute Pottery Barn does a trend it's over for me. That's my tipping point. Which leads me to think that must be why I scare away from anything terribly trendy. (I do admit I still have my copy of I Married Adventure however).

Mélanie said...

I love starburst mirror and I have always used them in decoration , for me it is timeless decoration but I can see than NOW it is very trendy

Valerie Wills Interiors said...

I love it and think it's a classic especially in the space chosen.

Willow Decor said...

Velvet and Linen just did a giveaway of coffee table that is being created for the masses by RH. Does it look too trendy?? Is is too obvious because RH is now selling it? The table's designer said something like "Catholic school girls all wear the same uniform, but some look much better in it than others.Its simply the way you wear the uniform."
A starburst mirror, even one by Target, in the right space can look great. A starburst mirror in a room just to have the starburst mirror can look trendy and wrong.

Amanda said...

I think it's beautiful there. Who cares about trends, if you love it you love it!

An Aesthete's Lament said...

There are days when I hate them and days when I love them. The starburst that hung in Balenciaga's showroom in Paris long, long ago was ravishing; ditto the one owned by Albert Hadley. I can't quite help loving them though, however much they are overused. I think what's critical is the quality of the starburst—if it's cheap and not particularly fine, then no, definitely not. But if it's wonderfully modelled, gently gilded, lightly worn, and hopefully antique or at least vintage, then yes, yes, yes.


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