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Thursday, December 17

Chocolate giveaway! Who doesn't love chocolates?

It was a few months at a design event that I ran into a lovely table at a party that was presented with beautiful trays of chocolates...

I started chatting with the owner Susan Lieu who is one of the founders (with her sister Wendy of Sôcôla- a boutique chocolate company based in Oakland, California). (Aren't they adorable as little kids!)

When I chatted with Susan- I learned that all of their products are organic (butter and cream from Straus Family Creamery) and all handmade. I was intrigued from that point on.
Well it turns out that you can find these wonderful chocolates at Bi-Rite Market and several Whole Foods locations.
The word Sôcôla means: "Chocolate" in Vietnamese (paying homage to Susan and Wendy's history)

So it brings me to some exciting news for you chocolate lovers out there.
Susan and Wendy have been so generous to donate a wonderful box to my blog and I am passing this box on to you!

How do I win this box of chocolates? No need to send me emails begging.
Simply reply in the comments section as to why YOU think that YOU should be sent this yummy box of handmade goodness.

Not just begging will do. The question of the day is what are your hopes for 2010? What is important to you?
To stop the war? To start cooking more? To travel to a far away place? To remodel your bedroom? I would love to hear what you would like for 2010. It's right around the corner. Your thoughts can be random and can be about yourself or the world or just in general. I will take replies up to the morning of December 23rd (Please only comment once) I look forward to sending this box out on December 23rd (so you can receive it in time to start off 2010 perfectly!)

Make sure to check out Sôcôla's website. Susan tells me that if you want to place an order to arrive by Christmas- you must place it by this Friday (the 18th). (For all of those who are still looking for gift ideas- this could make life really EASY and YUMMY at the same time!)

Thanks to Sôcôla and Susan and Wendy.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

I don't just love chocolate, I REQUIRE it!
My new years resolution is to finally start the licensing process for architecture: wish me luck!


Pick me, Pick me! I promise to be nice and not so jealous of everyone loving my sister more. I will paint my dining room the color you suggested (Dorian Gray). I will always have iced tea for you at my house. I will let your dogs chase my cat. I will wear only black and white...wait, that is going too far.

David Lindberg said...

My hopes for 2010 would include going to the Alameda flea market to shop for a mirror for Sally's garden that I designed, to meet you in person, to read your blog faithfully, train for the Oakland and San Diego Marathons, and continue in the licensing process. Whew, I need those chocolates!

Andrea V.@ said...

To continue on a path of personal authenticity. To become more streamlined and not batshit disorganized. To develop more anticipatory skills. To stretch my creativity to the limits beyond what I imagined was capable. To go back to San Francisco (where you live and I eloped to) To finish painting the whole downstairs of my house by the springtime. I don't think that's too ambitious, you?

Okay, let's cut the frillies.....I'm pms'ing and need the chocolates more than anyone, capiche?



LizaE said...

My hope for 2010 - beyond world peace and the decline of this recession - would be to continue seeking and finding daily inspiration and wonder from the little things in life. Sometimes it presents itself in the form of a photograph, sometimes its a quote, sometimes from a recipe or sometimes from a book. All very
accessible things no matter what your budget or background may be.

Transformations Home Stylists said...

Hopes for 2010? Don't think I can say it any better than John Lennon in "Happy Christmas (War Is Over If You Want It)"
Each if us can simply be kind, and practice tolerance and acceptance. I'll also heed the chorus from BandAid's "Do They Know It's Christmas": "Feed the world!"
I have been working on my Neapolitan pizza from scratch all year; in 2010 I am going to nail it! I may not be able to feed the whole world, but i can feed those all around me - Merry Christmas Grant!

La Maison Fou said...

Dare I say it; " Death by Chocolate" .... I cannot think of a sweeter way to go!
Now looking into my crystal ball I see a Year packed full of new clients, projects and streaching by arms a bit! It is neccessary to get out of the comfort zone in order to accomplish something greater!
As for the box of chocolates ??
I would be in divine heaven with such a gift in my mail box! I cannot think of a better definition for my favorite food group except, " Devine exhaustion in comsumption".
Merriest of Holidays,

Mimi's Poor Blog said...

Because I wasn't able to go to San Francisco last week and visit Bi-Rite and buy the chocolates I think they should come to me in Santa Barbara.

Mimi's Poor Blog said...

Because I didn't get to go to San Francisco last week and go to Bi Rite and purchase the chocolates myself they should come to me in Santa Barbara.

Amber said...

I hope to create me, who I am at my best, at my core, and to blow away the dust left behind. I want to be quietly peaceful and loudly joyful. To be confident in me. Then when I am at my best, the hope is to meet someone who can be my partner in life. Those are personal. My heart dreams of my son choosing God, and my daughters to move closer. A move to the ocean, a new career, travel...
Chocolate? It is the reason women do not kill their husbands. We fill ourselves with brown happiness instead.

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

ooh yummy! I love Chocolate!

My hope for 2010 is kinda selfish, and your examples are all about helping those around us and the world, but my hope would be that I could get an amazing job after I graduate in May! I have been working hard and I really want that to happen! -Melissa


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