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Monday, November 23

One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane is a wonderful source for gifts and all kinds of great home decor items at affordable prices!
Candles, mirrors, stationery, bedding, pillows and more!

If you are not familiar with One Kings Lane it's a great source with daily emails.

I was asked to offer 5 tips in the GET INSPIRED section:

Tips from Grant Gibson:

01 Always have a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge. You never know when you might need to celebrate!

02 Dine with cloth napkins, fine china and silver at every meal - even breakfast! What's the point of owning beautiful things if you don't use them?

03 Similar to Coco Chanel's philosophy about getting dressed, take away one accessory from every space so it doesn't look overly done. Shopping is fun. Editing is the challenge.

04 Design is a process–you can't force it. If you take your time and let it come naturally, you'll make fewer mistakes. It's okay to have holes in your home until you find the right piece, even if it takes years.

05 Purchase timeless, classic sofas and chairs and add trendy pillows or throws that you can easily change out when you're tired of them. It's much easier than re-covering large pieces of furniture.


katiedid said...

Perfect tips! And I LOVE One Kings Lane.

Ideezine said...


Great reminders at anytime. As people are getting together and asking for tips these also make great conversation topics too.

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...


Congratulations on being on One Kings Lane! Those are great design tips, we are filing them away! We will check out OKL right now.

Katy said...

Will you post pics of the grey & white and fabulous kitchen you did? I want to see!!!

mamacita said...

I've had that philosophy about champagne for years. It's served me well. Now I think that maybe it's some variation on "The Secret" -- if you keep it in the fridge, the good times will find you ;-)

A variation I plan to put in place this year: buy a case of champagne at the holidays and you'll always have a bottle to give as a hostess gift or a "well of course I got you something, too!" present.


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