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Saturday, November 14

Off to Palm Beach...

Next week I am excited to be reporting from Palm Beach...

The Golden Girls theme song just keeps playing over and over again in my head.

I had visions in my head of driving by the house and popping in for an iced tea and a long chat in the kitchen
(but was appalled to know that this house is not in Florida at all- but in Los Angeles! Talk about crushing my childhood dreams!)

Hear the weather is in the 80's. Busy packing linen. Isn't it ok to wear white after Labor Day while in Florida?

Promise to update with lots of pictures of all of my adventures. I WILL be lounging by the pool (under an umbrella with lots of sunblock on so I don't come back looking like a lobster).

Back to packing and figuring out how many pairs of shoes I can fit in my carry on.

If you are bored with me gone- don't forget that there are still a few weeks left to vote for me for California Home and Design's "Designer of the Year" (I am #4)


Scott Fazzini said...

Grant -I'm pretty sure that in terms of attire etiquette in Florida anything goes!

Greet said...

I just have voted for you!


Brillante Home Decor said...

Have fun!
Enjoy the sun!
Get a tan!
Buy a fan!
Dance with the moon!
Return soon!


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