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Thursday, October 29

Funky TUT!

I took a large step and ventured into new territory- presenting the foyer design that I worked on for the San Francisco Fall Antiques show. I honestly love working on projects that are not always what people think that I might do. It keeps me challenged and on my toes and it is always interesting to educate myself in design of all styles and periods.

The theme this year was Egypt and "King Tut" and for some reason I just couldn't get out of my head the video of Steve Martin in 1979 doing "Funky Tut" I decided to really step outside of my normal comfort zone and really to go all out and try something different and new and well for a lack of better word: FUNKY!

The back wall was made up of Egyptian newspapers to really give some texture and depth. In a way I thought that they almost had brick like shapes to them. Thanks to my decorative painter Katherine Jacobus for all of her help!

I used all different sized letters to spell out "Funky Tut" and then placed a Danish (Bodil Kjaer) sideboard (from Epoca) with a pair of (René Drouet) chairs (from Therien).
My technical support burned on a DVD the couple of minute Steve Martin doing "Funky Tut" so that I looped over and over again on the vintage tv. The Arteluce lamp was borrowed from Monument.
The floor was covered in 250 pounds of sand (and I still trying to figure out how I will get it all out on Monday morning when the display from the show is over!)

Highlights of opening night for me last night were really when John Saladino and Paul Wiseman gave me the thumbs up and starting doing the "Funky Tut".

Of course another favorite part of the night was when Suzanna posed as Cleopatra!

If you are in San Francisco this weekend- do try and pop by Fort Mason and see the show. There are some wonderful items on view. Even if you can't buy anything it is a wonderful education of some fine items on display throughout the show.

The blog that I have been writing for the show also has some great behind the scenes photos:


maison21 said...

congrats, grant- looks like you really had fun with this one!

ps- good luck with getting all that sand out!

Anonymous said...

It's a very fun vignette, Grant!

And good for you for stepping outside that comfort zone. I've always felt that the very best designers are versatile and able to design in a wide range of styles and periods, and not get stuck doing the same thing all the time. I hope someone will shoot me dead if ever I get to a point where anyone can look at a room and know that I did it.

Suzanna looks simply *mahvelous* channeling Cleopatra!

As to the sand issue, I wish you the best of luck ;-> A good industrial strength vacuum might do the trick, and then go dump it in the bay, refill and repeat.


Brillante Home Decor said...

I love humour, it means smart for me! and smart choice you made. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Nice to (briefly) meet you at the show on Saturday. I had to say hello after seeing my 7 year old in front of your vignette perform the Funky Tut!! Liza

LizaE said...

OK, hoping you get this comment (my first on your wonderful blog!). It was very nice meeting you (briefly) at the show on Saturday (and your friend Valera). I had to say hello after seeing my seven year old daughter doing the "Funky Tut" at your vignette. We all enjoyed it and the show. Liza E

Laura Casey Interiors said...

GREAT! How fun and creative is that! I love what you did.

Dana Donadio said...

I loved it! Our booth was at the front of the show and I'd find myself humming along with the exhibit few times a day.


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