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Thursday, November 5

Dinner with Gil Schafer at Chez Gibson

Some people might think that it is CRAZY to host a dinner party for 20 in my rather small apartment- but I did it just last week for architect Gil Schafer (who might just be the most amazing architect that I know) who was in town giving me an excuse to host a dinner after the wonderful lecture that gave on his work last Friday. (Heather over at Habitually Chic just wrote up a great review on her blog about Gil and his work. Make sure to check it out)

It might have been the food and wine. It might have been the company. It might have been the cool weather in the air.
But I really felt like this was the "kick off" party to fall and now I feel like the holidays are just around the corner (because they REALLY ARE!)

It was also wonderful to have Barbara and Robert Sallick (founders of Waterworks) and my dear friend Jennifer Boles from The Peak of Chic (and her fabulous sister Laura who lives in San Francisco).

In case any one was wondering what was served:

Pork tenderloin with fennel and onions
Farro with pomegranate seeds, mint, Italian parsley and feta
Roasted Butternut squash with a sage butter and pecans
Roasted cauliflower

(I am happy to share info on how to make anything if anyone is interested)

I am not sure if I am going to be hosting any more large scale dinner parties in the near future. Sure was fun- but sure was a lot of work!


Love the Home You're With said...

Grant- It looks amazing - and your apartment looks as fab as it did in the NY Times! Yes I want the recipes, as I'm everyone else will, so you'd better start typing them up to post asap! Thanks for getting me in the mood for the fall/winter holiday season....
Robin, your "Sweet Disposition" friend

Mrs. Blandings said...

Looks like a great night. And you look cool as a cucumber.

maison21 said...

feel free to host your next party at the atelier... ;-)

looks amazing, grant.

Brillante Home Decor said...

Since you offered...I would like to know about "farro and pomegranate seeds" it sounds very healthy and at the same time very tasty. Love the way you presented food and drinks.

Grant K. Gibson said...

Super easy! So I cook the farro for about 15 minutes with a bit of olive oil and salt and then strain the water out. I then put it in a large bowl and let it cool- adding olive oil and salt and pepper. Chopped flat leaf parsley and lots of fresh mint- feta cheese and the pom seeds. I also like to add the zest of a lemon and most of the time I like to put in a nut like a walnut (even a splash of walnut oil and the juice from a lemon would be nice too). I have added oranges before and also chicken. I also did it with dries cranberries once and another time with currants and pinenuts. It's a great grain and such an easy thing to make- you can make lot's of it and it doesn't cost much. Easy to keep in the fridge for days and days and have great leftovers for lunches! Enjoy!

Valerie Wills Interiors said...

Grant - everything looks fabulous - both your apartment and your food.... could you give me the butternut squash recipe... I love sage and butternut - sounds delish.



LizaE said...

Grant, everything looks perfect! I can taste the food right now. This is my favorite way of entertaining my friends. Alas, the "at home" dinner party is a dying art.


OMG...could Jennifer and Laura be any more darling??? As sisters, they may top Suzanna and Me?

The Peak of Chic said...

I can vouch for the food. It was utterly delicious! (And so was Grant's apartment!) You San Franciscans certainly know how to throw an elegant soiree!

Valerie Wills Interiors said...

Everything looks amazing - your home and the food! Can you post the butternut and sage recipe - sounds delish.

pve design said...

Grant, you are amazing. Can you imagine that my mother prepared meals and more for our family. Seven children and we always seemed to have a relative or friend or neighbor. There was always enough to share. Your dinner has a wonderful ambiance.

maryldunne said...

Hi,Grant! Inspiring photos of a festive dinner party -- I would love to have the rest of the recipes, so please do post.

I am a great fan and country neighbor of Gil Schafer.

Congrats on nomination! I will vote for you every time I'm online. Keep up the brilliant work!


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