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Wednesday, October 21

The Sartorialist visits San Francisco

One of my little hidden secrets is that I really don't like to shop. There I said it for the whole world to see.

But let's clarify that just a tad- as I back peddle just slightly...
Now sofas, chairs, rugs, cocktail tables, art, lighting and anything relating to interiors- any day of the week- any hour- any time- any city- no problem at all. Love shopping for interiors. It's a good thing that I am an interior designer!

It is the thought of clothes shopping that gives me hives just thinking about it!

The lines- the dressing rooms- everything. Hence my pretty basic uniform of black- and if I am feeling like mixing it up- black and white. I have a pretty basic collection of black sweaters, jeans and a few black and white gingham shirts and white dress shirts. I love a great black suit and love textures and layers (much like in interiors). I might be considered "boring" by some. But for me I like to keep it pretty classic. Believe me it is really easy to get ready in the morning- with things that mix and match. I like clothes that are timeless that are good quality (I didn't say expensive) that last a long time. I have been known to purchase in multiples on many occasions. Why- because I know that if I am buying it I must really love it and that it will wear out in time and then I won't have to go out and shop again! The one time that clothes shopping is appealing to me is when is a foreign country. There is something really fabulous about a sweater that you pick up in a small boutique in the Marais of Paris or a pair of boots from London. These always turn out my favorites. Perhaps it is memories or that it somehow is exotic-or that it is different from what you might see in stores in your own city.

Despite that fact that I am not into shopping and buying clothing really for myself- I really LOVE fashion!
I love the relationship that fashion has to interior design.
To see what comes down the runway- the colors and textures make my heart beat fast. I love watching my favorite old designers and seeing what upcoming young and creative talents show off.

This long winded post brings me to my point.

One of my favorite things in the day is logging onto my computer and seeing what is on The Sartorialist and what fashion moment in time has been captured. I had the pleasure of meeting with Scott Schuman tonight at the book signing of his brand new book (as I side note- I am not sure HOW I got on the guest list- but somehow I did and I am so thankful- as I was able to meet him at the pre party before the doors opened to the general public at 7:30- and as you can see there were HUNDREDS (I am not exaggerating here) lined up around the block).

Scott started The Sartorialist after leaving a fashion sales position to take care of his daughter in 2005. Picking up a digital camera and walking around New York City and snapping photos of people that caught his eye.

Scott's philosophy: "I thought I could shoot people on the street the way designers looked at people, and get and give inspiration to lots of people in the process. My only strategy when I began The Sartorialist was to try and shoot style in a way that I knew most designers hunted for inspiration."

A few shots of some fashionable people from the party. I am no sartorialist- but I really love taking photos and I find so much inspiration as I can be certain that Scott does as well.


The Peak of Chic said...

What did Suzanna wear to see the Sartorialist?? I bet it was something smashing!

M.Walters said...

Funny; I asked the sales associate about his polka dot tie; it's PS of course, but reminds me of the Perry Ellis ones I had in the early 80's. Your shots are fun; it was a great evening for people-watching

katiedid said...

Darn! I had heard about this, but duty at home called. Looks like you had some fun!

Brilliant Asylum said...

I second you on enjoying dressing your home instead of yourself, but you look stylin to me. The Sartorialist is pure genius.

Things That Inspire said...

I relate to your comment about not liking to shop! I am the same way. My sister sometimes calls me Ugly Betty, because I am aware of what is fashionable, but sometimes I do it a bit wrong (and I am hopeless about shoes - hopeless). I need a stylist!

I have loved seeing posts here and there about the Sartorialist book signings. People really pull out all the stops in their attire! Thank you for doing a post, looks like a fun night.

Ideezine said...

You really did some sharing with us in this post and for that I say Thank You. Shopping these days is such a stuff-in- your-face and we're being force fed. Shopping is a hunting and gathering "experience" and it's meant to be different because we change with each trip.

Alive in the moment and being who you are is the greatest contribution we can make and offer this world. Be it interior designer, fashion designer, photographer, parent, blogger and friend. It's all good because it's all you!



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