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Friday, July 10

Who's the most stylish San Franciscan?

7x7 Magazine has nominated Suzanna and myself as two of the the most stylish people (as a pair) for the 2009 Style Council!

There are over 80 people on the list right now and you can vote to help us be selected to be in a spread in the 7x7 Magazine fashion issue. We are #28 on the list- Vote for us! Voting ends July 15th (oh and you can vote more than once (so keep entering #28) and you don't have to sign up for daily emails- share with all of your friends)

Link here:
The 2009 Style Council: Who's the Most Stylish San Franciscan?

Thanks for voting!


Annie said...

How exciting! Good luck, you both got my vote.


I will vote over and over again!!!
2 2 Divine

Habitually Chic said...

You don't need a magazine to validate your stylish status! I knew you were a style icon the moment I saw your fabulous blog! But I will vote for you anyway ;-)

Claude Hubert said...

From coast to coast from continent to continent I have one thing to say YOU GOT IT !!!
Best of luck you too divine.

Alicia said...

Your number neighbor Fred Bateman is a cute smile just waiting to break a heart, but no contest, you got my votes...

Brillante Home Decor said...

You have my vote! Definetely, Absolutely, Without a doubt: STYLISH, both of you. # 28 is a winner. As Heather said you don't need this validation but it will be great to see you both in 7x7!


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