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Wednesday, July 8

Sari you were not there!

NY was PERFECT this weekend.
The weather couldn't have been better. Warm but not humid at all.
It was the kind of weekend that would want to make you fall in love with NY and want to move there (but I know from living there these perfect NY days are rare and to me the weather is too extreme for me!)

Saturday early evening wedding at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.
The event was lovely and I was just in love with all of the colorful sari's and the marigolds and fresh summer colors.
A great 4th of July weekend.

What did you do?


Anonymous said...

Dearest Grant,

Every little thing about NYC is perfect. Even the frustrating things make it the perfect place to live. Hope you're well!

XO, John

Pigtown-Design said...

WOW! I bet that was a great wedding. What did you wear?

Michael Hampton said...

What I beautiful wedding! Sari I was not there too!


Makes me remember "Monsoon Wedding"! I can almost hear the music. You were, however, missed by the regulars at the flee mkt and lunch afterwards.

yer maw n paw said...

the colors and flowing fabric are just beautiful - inspiring!

erin Ferucci said...

OMG Grant...hello from L.A. Thanks for the Julia post!!
You might like mine too:!!


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