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Wednesday, May 13

We interrupt this broadcast with a NEWS FLASH!


The fashion world is a all abuzz with Karl Lagerfield's highly anticipated new line at the Chanel show- this week in Venice- for his 2010 line.

Why Venice? Coco Chanel was facinated by Venice in her first trip in 1919. This inspired the line for Karl. Talking about a symbol that maybe be playing apart of this collection- the lion (which I found this a great door bell walking this afternoon) Chanel collected lion figurines while visiting and she was also a Leo...

Word is that Karl has been spotted all of the city and is prepping the show himself and packed 13 (yes 13) bags of luggage (including his favorite Goyard suitcases). I thought that I packed a lot with my two bags- but I guess if you are KL- there really isn't such a thing is packing light and you have a team of manservants to assist your every need.

The show is today in the Lido. Here are shots from the Chanel store windows yesterday afternoon. I was jet lagged and tired- but it reminded me so much of my trip to the Chanel aparment last year while in Paris (for those who missed:

And now we take you back to our regular scheduled program...Venice.

(Yes- it is 2.45 in the morning- I can't sleep at all. I did get 5 hours of sleep in and I somehow hope that my blogging makes me sleepy and I can get a few hours- I can dream of cappuccino for breakfast!)


Annie said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the jolt; who needs a caffeine now?

ArchitectDesign™ said...

keey on the lookout -with your camera ready for any Karl sightings!!

Anonymous said...

Those paper hats are to die! Uncle Karl knows no limits. You're one lucky duck!

If you have time, I recommend the Peggy Guggenheim museum!

Brillante Home Decor said...

Never think about what time would be back home! I change the time on my watch the moment I board a plane, adjusting to the time at destination. It helps incredibly. It is also much more difficult to adjust going to Europe than coming back.Hope you are better by now.


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