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Saturday, September 20

Chanel "ing" Coco...

As some of you may have heard- we had the great honor and privilege of getting private access into Coco Chanel's apartment that was above the Chanel store in Paris.  The interiors were amazing and it was such an honor to see such history.  We were allowed to take pictures in the apartment and that is a big no-no 99% of the I am adding just a few of the shots as they really are not to be for "public" use at all and I feel honored to have pictures of Chanel's apartment and I don't want to abuse the chance that I was given.

Of course we have the classic Horst photo of Chanel and Suzanna with her version in the same chair.
Dorrit (with two R's...sorry for the years of spelling with 1 R!) and Martha and Karen and me of course in black and white in homage to Chanel.

I had such a feeling of respect for her talent while in this space...  I think that this was so close to my heart as I really feel as if my career was really launched when I did the black and white room at the SF Decorator Showcase house in 2005- with my homage to black and white fashion and Chanel.
I have been reading the book "Deluxe" by Dana Thomas on this trip- about the world of luxury fashion and the dark side of this industry.



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