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Wednesday, May 13

Venice jet lagged afternoon one

I don't want to start off the trip complaining- but my oh my flying from San Francisco with a layover in Frankfurt is a long day.
We left at 2pm Monday and now it is 8am Wednesday in California and 5pm here in Venice. Oh my.

My first impressions have be wonderful so far. We jumped in a water taxi (for those of you who know me know that I LOVE taxi's in any city!) and checked into our hotel. We walked around and had a slice of pizza and I had melon gelato.

Trying to stay awake as late as I can- but all I can think about it how nice my bed will be.

Here are the first of the photos. All from the water taxi (and one from my room)...I am excited to be using my REAL camera again and not shooting on the iphone. The quality is like night and day.

More tomorrow after I rest and get over the jet lag!



Brilliant Asylum said...

So frickin jealous. Have a great trip!

massi said...

oh oh! venezia.
Enjoy your time in Italy.

maison21 said...

awesome photos!

Brillante Home Decor said...

Great pictures for a jet-lagged person. Enjoy Venezia and as I said already try to wander without a map, get lost (easy in Venice) and discover incredible places on your own.(for some reason my previous comment is lost somewhere in cyberspace)


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