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Friday, May 8

Happy Friday!

The weather is AMAZING out today- so I decided to take the day off and do a few of my favorite things and catch up on some errands. It has been a stressful week at work and I am currently dealing with a stressful client- so I just needed a day to myself.

I started with dropping the dogs off to groomer to get it all buzzed cut for a more summer like haircut...
then I went and got my hair trimmed too (not the same place- in case you were wondering!)

Then the grocery store- and I had to go to 3 different places to get everything that I wanted for my dinner party tonight (more on what I am making to post over the weekend). Believe it or not, I actually love grocery shopping and I drove all across town to my favorite fish store to pick up a beautiful steel head trout- and then went to another store as I like the fresh herbs that they have more there. It is so important for me to cook with the freshest local ingredients- it just puts a smile on my face to spend the afternoon in the kitchen.

I drove by a cross walk filled with adorable little children all holding hands creating a chain as they crossed the street. The matching orange shirts were so cute. Do you remember this when you were young? It made me have flashbacks of my elementary school days. Oh those were the days. Life was so simple then...

Now I am all set back at home- with a brand new case 24 cans (yippee) of Diet Coke (wishing you were here Heather) and beautiful lilacs and peonies (wishing you were here Courtney)- and my brand new book and I am ready to cook and drink my Diet Coke and relax with my new book.

Happy Friday to everyone. Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all!


Style Court said...

Grant -- I loved hearing about your day. I can just picture the children! And I have to admit, I like grocery stores too. Wish we lived in the same town. Have a terrific weekend.


Oh, and thanks for the peonies!

Habitually Chic said...

I've never seen a 24 pack of diet coke! I'm so jealous! But I did just get 2 12-packs at Duane Reade for $7 best I can do ;-)

I haven't bought myself any peonies yet this year so maybe I will have to find some tomorrow as a tribute to you! Bon Weekend!

Fancy for nyc said...

Stressful clients...We have one, doesn't like anything, what she does like wants it free, and treats the assistants (me) like we're idiots.

Sounds like your day was successful therapy!

My Notting Hill said...

Sounds like a dreamy day! Have a great dinner party. Happy weekend.

red ticking said...

great post... i know about all of the running around having to go here and there and everywhere...but that is what always makes it so very special... i am sure your friends appreciated and enjoyed it all so much. happy weekend...

Brilliant Asylum said...

Can't wait to hear more dinner party details. I am gearing up for one next week and am a tad rusty. I could use some inspiration.


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