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Thursday, May 7

Orlando Diaz-Azcuy book signing- GUMPS

Tonight the signing of Orlando Diaz-Azcy's new book written by Diane Dorrans Saeks-published by Rizzoli- at GUMPS in San Francisco.

The turn out was great! Orlando and Diane had the most wonderful arrangement of spring like lilacs at the signing table.

The highlight for me was Orlando telling me that he wore the same pair of shoes that I had commented that looked so great on him- about a year ago a party at his house! So I had to take a photo of his shoes- and I love how in his signing my book it says:

"For Grant, who loves great shoes, and good design, and creates it too"- (this was the highlight of my night!)

Thank you to Orlando and Diane for creating such a beautiful book. I am off to my bed with a glass of wine and can't wait to read and savor every page...


Diane Dorrans Saeks said...


Wonderful and fast post.

You must have driven 100 miles and hour to get home, select the film, and write the blog.

Bravo. Thank you so much for coming--and for such a fresh and lively and personal post.
Note Katie Denham in line with her book.

Grant K. Gibson said...

Believe it or not I went out for Chinese Food too!

Katie- I would l have LOVED to have met you!
We must make a plan to meet.
I am so sorry that we didn't get to talk.

Pigtown-Design said...

Isn't that Katie in the black & white dress?

Have a GREAT GREAT time in Venice!!!

katiedid said...

Hahaha! YES -that's me! Next time we will HAVE to meet! Such a great event: Diane is so gracious and Mr. Diaz-Azcuy very charming.


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