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Wednesday, December 31

Campbell and Wallace "unleashed"

Now when I got my dogs (Campbell and Wallace) who are going to be 16 years old in April- I promised myself that I wouldn't become one of THOSE dog owners (you people know who you are!!!) that dressed up their dogs in funny costumes and sent out pictures all of the time. But these are pretty cute! I guess I would call this "Highlights of Campbell and Wallace 2008"


The Peak of Chic said...

They're 16??? When I saw them they seemed like youngsters! They still seem to have a lot of energy- and they're adorable too!

ArchitectDesign said...

what adorable dogs! OMG and I LOVE love LOVE that antique chair!!! so chic!

Anonymous said...

I have a Westie named Gunther and a Jack Russel named Tootie. You just gave me some great idea's for taking pictures of them!

Scott Fazzini said...

They are absolutely adorable! When I got my italian greyhound, everyone said that I should get a pair to keep each other company... these pictures make me regret that I didn't.


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