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Thursday, March 24

Bill Cunningham documentary

In a city of dedicated originals, New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham stands out as one who both knows how to capture the essence of the singular personality and clearly represents one himself. Entering his ninth decade, Cunningham still rides his Schwinn around Manhattan, putting miles between his street-level view of personal style and what the titans of fashion will come to discover down the road.

This heartfelt and honest documentary turns the camera on one who has so lovingly and selflessly captured the looks that have defined generations. And in the photographer’s chronicles of the events and people that captivate our beloved city, the film is just as much a portrait of New York as of Cunningham.

It is impossible to mention his name without prefacing it with the words, "the legendary photographer." He seems to shun publicity, preferring to stay behind the scenes and certainly behind the lens, focused on his work and his subjects.

"I am not interested in celebrities and their free dresses, I am interested in their clothes." - Bill Cunningham

I love his signature look of a uniform consisting of a pair of khaki pants and a blue jacket with lots of pockets.

I was thrilled to attend a preview screening of this new documentary this afternoon. I can't suggest seeing it enough! It is utterly charming and inspirational. You will come away with a huge smile on your face.

A list of showings around the country, if you would like to check it out on the big screen.



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