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Monday, October 25

More progress

Since you all seemed to enjoy the peek of the the wallpaper, thought that you might be interested in some of the other things progressing in the space for the Elle Decor Showhouse...

Had these custom headboards designed and made. So excited to have them moved in next week.

I was honestly having some trouble finding the RIGHT zebra fabric. I pulled sample after sample and nothing seemed right to me.

I ended up at TARGET one afternoon and found sheet sets with this great zebra print in cotton. So I snapped up two sets of king sized sheets and used the fabric from the sheets to make the headboards (I am also having the custom bed skirts made out of the sheets as well).

It's interesting: sometimes you can find what you are looking for in a different form, but you have to customize it to make it work for you. (After all, this is a teenage girls bedroom- so no need to go out and spend hundreds per yard on fabric!)

Here are a couple of shots of my window treatments ready to be installed. I really love the matelassé fabric (from Serena and Lily) and its subtle detail with the double tape trim detail (black grosgrain ribbon).

I think that the tailored valance will really frame the windows. Thank you to my wonderful drapery workroom who makes all of my pillows, roman shades, and curtains for all of my projects.

Pink Pink Pink! WOW! Here are some shots of the baseboard being painted pink (I opted for no crown molding for the space to keep slightly modern and not too fussy) and the ceiling in a very pale shade of pink.

You might be scratching your head and thinking that PINK is really not something that you associate with me. I am loving the challenge and having so much fun with this space- as you might be able to tell!

It's really exciting to see all of the pieces of the puzzle coming together.

One week left until it has to be complete! I am going back to my lists so that I don't forget anything.


My Notting Hill said...

You've probably just launched a sell out of Target's zebra sheets! Love how the scale of the pattern centers right up the middle. Can't wait to see the finished room. Hoping this next week won't be too crazy for you.

kayce hughes said...

so fun to see! thanks

Grant K. Gibson said...


You are right. It was the scale of the fabric and how the zebra pattern was perfectly centered that caught my eye.
I have a friend that just made cutains out of duvets. You would never in a million years know.

Anonymous said...

So cool!

Amy Zwicker

La Maison Fou said...

This is really going to look amazing.
I am feeling the vibe with the colors, patterns and the creativity is really great! I too like to take a product and repurpose it to be used for a completely different application.
Looking forward to seeing the room is it's evolutionary state!
(p.s.) loving the zebra!

mary said...

Thanks for the Target tip--I've been looking for a great zebra print and those sheets look like they might fit the bill.

S@sha said...

Even though it wasn't your intention, I like the fact that you have a high-low contrast going with upholstery via Target sheets and DeGournay wallpaper. One thing a huge splurge and one thing anyone can go out and buy tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

oh, boy! in lesser hands this juxtaposition could be disastrous, but even from a small monitor i can see you've gotten the scales of the fabric and paper right, and the colors, too. room will take on a nice warm glow from that ceiling.

good going! m


Grant K. Gibson said...

@ S@sha-

You are SO right. The high/low contrast is a shock.
The wallpaper might be one of the most expensive in the world and then to pair it with something from Target. Sometimes when you find something that has style- it just feels right. This was the case with my zebra bedding. It wasn't that maybe I was looking on purpose to re-use something like this- it just happened in front of me and I thought- Hey- that's perfect.
I don't want to be a designer that snubs my nose at it at all. If I had not mentioned it was from Target- would anyone ever have know? Would they have thought it was from the design center? I wonder...

@ Michael-
Scale is so important. It is what we are trained to know as designers. It is one of the hardest parts of design to get right. It can make of break the space. For this I was looking for BOLD large patterns. Small would get lost and not be right.

P.S. I love this... said...

Love the zebra headboards, so creative! I look so forward to seeing the completed space.

Topaz said...

Funny, I slipcovered a headboard with sheets once, too, and it worked wonderfully.

Cannot WAIT to see this beautiful bedroom!

vicki archer said...

Looking forward to the end result....the zebra idea was brilliant....Target will never look so good, xv.

Kate Collins said...

This is going to look amazing! I can't wait to see it! I'll be at the opening gala and I'll be headed straight to your room.

Rachel Joins the Fray said...

looks like they sprayed the paint instead of using a brush - why?

love it all - can not wait to see the house!!

Grant K. Gibson said...

I like to spray on trim when I am using a latex paint. It is in a high gloss finish- no brush marks or bubbles then. Very smooth and a fresh look to it.

Anonymous said...

Woo! I wish I could come see it! You are gonna kill!

Anonymous said...

The wallpaper is incredible. Well done, my friend!!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

AWESOME!! can't wait to see but can already tell it is super!

Matters of Style said...

You are so clever!! Target and DeGournay- a match made in heaven!

alison giese Interiors said...

The room is simply divine, and any teenager (or housewife - ahem, RPatz photo) would be lucky to have. I must tease you, though on your comment about not needing to spend a fortune on zebra - wasn't that fortune already spent with the deGournay?
Regardless, it is brilliant!


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