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Wednesday, October 7

I'm just like Rachel Zoe!

It's not that we both share the love of highlights- or sunglasses- or even the love of coffee... (but those thing are true)- but that's about all that Rachel Zoe and I have in common- the rest of her couldn't be more opposite.

What we do have in common is that we both have had the rare and special chance to be in the Coco Chanel apartment in Paris! This actually was the salon of Chanel where she actually didn't sleep (she did that at the Ritz)

Some of you might have seen it this week on the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo (which is a guiltily weekly pleasure watching her nutty adventures- meltdowns- her quirky sayings: "BANANAS" and "I DIE") when she and Brad visited Chanel's apartment.

In case you missed it- I just figured out how to upload my first YouTube video (I recorded it from my iphone so- sorry that it is not the best quality):

"On another level"

"I think that I am going to pass out"

"There are certain moments in my career where I actually stop and say- I can't believe that this is happening and somehow being in Coco Chanel's apartment- that's just dream fulfilled right there"

(Rachel I couldn't agree with you more!)

Here are a few photos of my trip last year in Paris.
It was a unforgettable experience for me and I know Rachel too!



Great story and amazing images. I love how you captured the attention to detail in the space.

Really cool entry!

Amanda Teal said...

What an amazing experience! Did you try her glasses on too? :)


L-U-C-K-Y DOG. How inspiring!

Victoria Miller said...

Maybe it's she who is just like you!!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

OMG -so jealous -thats just amazing :-) I DIE

Dean Farris said...

Grant !

Your best posting ever ! It totally made my day. Your fan, in Naples FL Dean Farris

Marcy Carmack said...

Amazing, so you HAVE to go see the movie with us tomorrow night!

LindsB said...

I'm so jealous, that place is bananas!

the paris apartment said...

You lucky man! You ARE just like her!! Great pics! said...

Very nice experience, and what nice pictures, all the pictures i have seen are never like this. I love detailing :-)

Really thanks for sharing.


Things That Inspire said...

It is the experiences like this that make a life, don't you agree? Thank you for the Thursday night inspiration!

paula said...

so happy you shared. what an honor in must have been.


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