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Sunday, May 31

My new Murano glasses toasting farewell to wine...

Well- let's not be too DRAMATIC here...

I wanted to share the beautiful handblown glasses that I found in Venice at this charming little store. I normally would think that these glasses were too "fru fru" but maybe it was being in Venice and finding these in the clear glass that really made me smile.
I always pack a little tote bag at the bottom of my suitcase just for these reasons-as I hand carried 6 of these back on the plane.

The reason for the farewell toast? I am not drinking for the month of June! (GASP- and a silence came over the crowd!)- yes- me- I know SHOCKING to some of you who know that I really enjoy my wine. But I decided to do this as a goal when I came back from Venice- so now I am setting the goal for the month of June. I am not doing this for any real reason other than really to loose a few pounds (did a little carbo loading in Italy) as well as to clean and purify my body. I am so accustomed to having a few glasses of wine with dinner every night- that I think that taking a little break will do me some good. Clean my body up!

So I toast my farewell glass of wine (for the month of June- let's not get carried away here!) in my beautiful new glasses!



Pigtown*Design said...

Good on ya, Grant! I like those little challenges... just to see if I can make it!

Love your peonies!

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...


Your glasses are glorious. For now, you can fill them with peonies. Oh, joy.

Beth Connolly said...

You know what they say about giving up great wine and food and sex, you don't live longer, it just feels like it.

Alicia said...

With glass of pinot gris as my current companion, I toast your abstention.
If you gained a few gaing from Venetian cuisine is they way to go.
Coveting the glasses. While the lines are frou frou the lack of color or further ornamentation prevents them from being egads!!!
Enjoy with Aqua Panna.

Karena said...

Grant the Murano glasses are very classic, great find! I love your site!

Karena said...

Grant the Murano glasses are very classic, great find! I love your site!

Annie said...

Lovely glasses. You can do the wine abstinence thing.

Michael Hampton said...

What pretty glasses! I would have been a nervous wreck carrying them on the plane. Perhaps you put them to good use on your way home. I sure would have!

Hats off to you for cutting out the wine for a month. I have been wanting to do the same so thanks for the inspiration.

Brillante Interiors said...

Beautiful glasses which will make drinking any juice or even water a pleasure. No wine, no bread, no pasta will take off a few pounds in no time.
(in any sense, meaning cheers in Italian as "To your Health" or "Alla tua salute")

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Oh I love these -so beautiful! You can drink fruit juice from them now -or sparkling water with lemon :-) Don't let them go to waste!


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