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Thursday, March 14


These lovely tulips with the variegated pink and white petals are really freshening up my living room this week.  They are just from my local grocery store a block away.  Pick up a bunch the next time you are at your local store just to brighten up your space!  


J.W. said...

I bought some beautiful protea at the market yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Dear Grant, Beautiful flowers and plants often make a rather blah room look great in a designer magazine photo. But magazines never tell you what they are and if you are interest the reader has to try to hunt them down. I very much appreciate that you frequently note flowers and plants in your posts. Thank you, Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Grant, I'm still LOVING my peonies from you:)


Brittany Stiles said...

It's A-Mazing what fresh flowers do for a space. Probably the quickest, easiest, and most inexpensive thing you can do to brighten up a room. Thanks for the reminder!! PS Planning a trip to SF in April, I'll keep you posted!


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