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Thursday, January 17


I love always having a special trip to look forward to. My next adventure is in February with two friends. We are travelling to Kenya for two weeks!

It has been a trip that I have always always dreamed of.  I can't wait to have new and amazing experiences and adventures.  I have been reading Out of Africa and just last week went to get a round of shots  (ouch!).  I am excited to see the wildlife and to take lots and lots of pictures!   I am counting down the days until we leave!


katiedid said...

I am excited for you Grant! I look forward to seeing all of your gorgeous photos. Maybe you will have some for sale?

Anonymous said...


So great.

The YELLOW FEVER image is extremely dramatic and memorable...


Anonymous said...


Have fun! I have a client who is a big game hunter, and we did two trophy rooms for him... he says the animal populations need to be controlled-


Anonymous said...

I'm so envious I could spit!!

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Anonymous said...


WOW you'll love Kenya it's one of my all time favorite places.
Are you able to get to any other countries beside Kenya? I hope you have an amazing time there on your adventure and safaris!
All the best this year!

Anonymous said...

Grant, it does sound wonderful. I'm sure I speak not just for myself, but
we do wish you "happy trails" and a great adventure. Hope you share some
of your pictures with us!

Charles Allen
Daytona Beach, Florida

Rachel said...

Your tweet earlier this month re: reading "Out of Africa" spurred me to read it!

I am ashamed to admit this, but I liked the movie and its imagery better.

Anonymous said...

You will love Kenya! It was quite a cultural shock for me but the vibe and people are lovely- My partner is from Kenya and I've visited twice and love it!
Safari is awesome- there is nothing quite like being 2 meters away from a feeding really appreciate nature and her animals.
Hope you get to go down to the coast (Mombasa)- snorkeling there is the best I have ever experienced and the seafood is fresh and delicious. Diani beach on the other side of coast is definitely worth a visit- I think the best pristine secluded beaches I've ever been.....and I live in Australia! Can you tell I'm planning to live vicariously through your adventures- it's been long over due for a visit to my second home. If you get sick of the local food- look out for Arte Cafe- good food and wonderful atmosphere.

P.S Don't drink the tap water or eat anything from the road side that's not freshly cooked.

P.P.S Hope you get to meet a local- ask for the Nyoma Choma( meat-eating session).


Anonymous said...

The "trip of a lifetime" INDEED!


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