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Wednesday, January 30

Blood oranges

I love blood oranges.  They make me think of my travels in Italy.  I love the stunning color and the beautiful taste.   Squeezing them into fresh juice in the morning or mixing them for an evening cocktail makes for a delightful treat!  Try adding to a margarita for an interesting variation on the classic!


Camille said...

I think the same goes for red grapefruit. So tasty and good for you. Love the marble background in your photo.
It's a great day for eating oranges and grapefruit on a terrace in S Florida. Weather is a 10 today!
Miss you.

Mood and Space Design said...

First the oatmeal and Greek yogurt, and now this? Check out yesterday's blood-orange-ridden Facebook photo:


Hugs, you genius!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

good for vampires too


Anonymous said...

Lovely taste. My favorites too.
Thank you for good job.Love your posts.

Irina Nudelman


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