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Monday, November 19

Crafting at Anthropologie

Last Thursday night, I had the honor of lead a crafting event at the Anthropologie store in downtown San Francisco.  

My friends at Anthology Magazine and I worked on the concept of creating a wreath for the upcoming holidays, but with a slight twist: using atypical holiday colors rather than traditional green and red.  

Wrapping styrofoam forms with ribbon and then adding details of flowers and leaves made from colorful felt.  The event was full of eager crafters. 

Fun was had by all - including mingling with cupcakes and champagne!


Karen Albert said...

Grant how fun to be included in this holiday workshop! There is an Anthropology right up the street from me here in Kansas City!
Do come!

Giveaway from Scalamandre!

Windlost said...

I love crafting esp. when cupcakes and champagne are provided. ;)

The wreaths are lovely!


Anonymous said...

ya gotta love that chartreuse satin!



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