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Tuesday, August 7

Photos at Watson Kennedy!

We are excited to announce that Grant K. Gibson original photography is now for sale at 
Watson Kennedy in Seattle. 

I can't wait to visit the store next time I'm in Seattle - I've heard from many friends and colleagues that it is not to be missed! We love the way that he has incorporated the photos on his "art wall".

Thank you to Ted Kennedy Watson for including our work on his fantastic blog!   


Karena said...

Congratulations Grant, it looks like he is carrying a stunning selection...

Art by Karena
2012 Artist Series

the modern sybarite ™ said...

Congrats. I know Ted and he knows how to pick them. Warmest wishes for your 2 career :-)

My Notting Hill said...

So glad I saw this. I'm in Seattle next week and will plan to check it out.

Anonymous said...


Dean Farris, Designer

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Congratulations!

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Decorno said...

I'm buying you dinner when you come to Seattle. (And PS, congrats. I love Watson Kennedy and can't wait to see your photos there soon.)

PopcornandPearls Bloggers said...

Your photos couldn't be in a lovelier store than Watson Kennedy. I adore this shop and will go in soon to look for them.
Congrats to you!

PopcornandPearls Bloggers said...



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