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Thursday, June 28

Mirror, mirror...

On the wall…who is the fairest of them all?
Well, not exactly.

But I was walking around my apartment the other day and it occurred to me that I really had a lot of mirrors.

A design “trick up your sleeve” if you ask me.

As you know, I live in a pretty modest apartment.  The place where I spend my time dreaming of that house that I will buy someday where I can spread my wings and make my own.  Since the grass is not always greener on the other side - I am staying put for a tad longer and always coming up with ways to make my living space better.

Trust me, it is not that I walk around my place looking at myself in the mirror all of the time.

What do mirrors do for a space?  You may have heard the design rule that mirrors can help to visually enhance and extend a space. This works in two ways - mirrors give the illusion that the space beyond and behind the mirror continues and that it is not a solid surface; and mirrors bounce light and brighten a space, making it feel larger.

For me the mirrors in my space blend in to the interior and are not so much the focal point.  How do you use mirrors in your interiors?

Photos: My bookcase with a convex mirror, a door in my living room where I added mirrors, and the back of my front door in my foyer/hallway.


Anonymous said...

Love mirrors!!

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Dawna said...

I love what mirrors can do for a place and nowadays there are so many interesting ones to choose from!

Anonymous said...

Hi Grant,

Mirrors have always been a favorite during my 30+ career as a decorator. In our basement playroom, the tiny 1 x 2 window is enhanced with a 2 x 3 mirror underneath and then partially covered by a pair of 2 x 4 plantation shutters that frame both the window and the mirror ! Makes the room feel lighter and taller and above ground!

I also love antique mirrors that give just a flicker of reflection.

It's fun to see what a young pro like you is doing-keep up the good work and especially the dreams!

Roz Gutelius

Barbara@HausDesign said...

I have a weakness for mirrors too and like you, not so I can admire myself. :) They go with every decor as my tastes change, so I always consider them a good purchase although I've had to hold myself back sometimes lately since I don't have room for more. Love your idea of adding them to a door!

Karena said...

Adore mirrors Grant and have many. Love the convex mirror on your bookcases!

Art by Karena

My Notting Hill said...

Hey I have that first mirror too - from your One Kings Lane Sale & love it! I need to take a pic of where it is and post it.

mary said...

Of course, my personal favorite is the Regency bullseye
mirror. These are always pitch-perfect. Mary

Anonymous said...

As I work away on my daughter's large home by a noted1920's architect......I head home each night to my little cottage of 1200sq. Ft. I chose to downsize after widowhood.....and I wouldn't change this tiny slice of heaven for anything. I too use mirrors everywhere....some rooms have 3 and the light the bring to each room is stunning! Thanks for a wonderful post. Oh yes.....I adore your city!! My best, Ginny Yount

WeirdRockStar said...

Just the other day I thought that if someone unfamiliar person might wonder that there must be most vain individual living here, when walking around my home.
In reality, I too use mirrors to enlarge spaces, to create flow and bring in more light and to double all things purdy. Especially now they´ll come in handy when I´ll be splitting a large living room in two to separate an extra bedroom ( since I made a den out of one ) and I´ve completely selfishly hogged all of the mirrors and mirrored door to balcony to the new bedroom- to be.
Ended up sharing more than I originally intended but all things shiny make my head spin uncontrollably.

Greetings from avid, long time lurker!

Anonymous said...

Fun as always.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that when I read you blog that I want to completely take everything out of my house and redo it.
What brillant ideas putting the mirrors in both doors and the convex mirror in the bookcase.
You really think outside of the box and it shows.

Windlost said...

i adore convex mirrors - love yours. nothing wrong with living in a smaller space when it's as nice as yours. before you know it, you will find the home of your dreams, although i don't know how anyone affords anything in san fran. :)

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking how embarrassing it is that I have just installed my THIRD mirror in the bedroom. This one a 16"x60" beveled on the closet door, angled to allow me to watch my poodle sleep at my head while I am in bed...AND to reflect the setting sun and bamboos swaying outside the windows....I feel much better about this and am now perhaps thinking about the fourth?

Anonymous said...

Great post Grant.
Always so fresh and different.

Sarah Carter said...

Love mirrors!
Take a look at this one:

kbd said...

I'm going to be repainting my bookshelf... was thinking black but I love the colour of yours. Do you know what colour it is? If you don't mind sharing?


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