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Thursday, June 21


I love this bold combination that we did for a client project.  Can’t wait to share more of the space soon.

My container from Paris finally arrived.  It is like Christmas in June!

There is something about the dune-colored Le Creuset that I just love.  I have one piece in this color and I think that I need to add more to my kitchen.

A greek key mat is a great way to make a statement before even walking into a house!


Lacquered Life said...

We registered for le creuset in dune! It is a fabulous color ... love love love it. Hope all is well!

mary said...

The red Ikat is gorgeous. Are you sharing fabric houses? Christmas in June, Yes! Thanks. Mary

Sara Sandifer said...

Source on the greek key mat? I ordered my last set from Amazon, and they were kidnapped after a year or so... really want to replace them :)

S@sha said...

Sometimes I watch the Barefoot Contessa cooking show (the one on Hulu) and she has an all white kitchen in the Hamptons with lots of that Dune colored Le Creuset. I'm always impressed by its restraint.

Anonymous said...

I so wish that Dune colored Le Creuset would never end! We have blue, orange, and red but I wish I had all dune. So pretty.

Windlost said...

And you're going to make us wait to see more of that first room??!!!

I love the "dune" Le Creuset...

Best, Terri

Grant K. Gibson said...

The Greek key mat is from Ace Hardware!


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