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Thursday, April 5

Happy Birthday!

Happy 19th Birthday to Campbell and Wallace!

I never thought that two white fur balls could bring so much joy into my life. Such personality and love that they offer every day.

Today is their 19th birthday (yes you read that correctly). Still so much energy and spunk in them.

Campbell loves sleeping and snuggling. Wallace is obsessed with food - he can always be found under my feet while I am in the kitchen, wishing for any scrap to drop on the floor.

Happy 19th to the best two Westies that I know!

I will sadly be leaving them for my holiday to Paris and Morocco tomorrow. They have a great dog sitter who comes to take care of them.

I am excited to share my adventures, stories and many photos when I return.

*Thank you to Margot Hartford for taking this great shot last week of my boys. She is working on a book about amimals in their interiors*


mamacita said...

Wow! What's your secret for raising such healthy pups?

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip Grant! Your boys are so cute!

Dean Farris, Designer

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to the boys! Tomorrow is my and Paul's birthday -- Aries rule! Have a WONDERFUL trip.

Amy Zwicker

Victoria said...

They are darling. Nineteen years is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you................Wags, licks and hugs.......

Love, Auntie Valera

Anonymous said...

Great photo
Give them kisses from Star and me.

Sent from my iPad

Linda said...

Grant - you have taken FABulous care of the boys!

Would you recommend their breeder? Or is the longevity and good health of your two attributed to "nurture" vs "nature"?

Have a safe and spectacular trip.


Uncle Beefy said...

19? NINETEEN?!?!?! Wowza! How awesome is that, Grant?! Well, happy birthday to the boys and bon voyage to you! :)

Anonymous said...

I have a 5 year old westie rescue named Norman, and they do add so much to your life! Enjoy your trip!
Best regards,
Kelly Harrison

Kathy said...

I have two Parson Russells.....Terriers are the best. Have a great trip...k

Vickie H. said...

OMG! I am STUNNED at their ages!!! Pups living this long is virtually unheard of!!! You are BEYOND blessed and fortunate! They are divine!!!
Happy Birthday, boys!!!

maison21 said...

you are so lucky- 19 is amazing.

licks to both,


mary said...

I can't imagine a world without dogs--so much incredible joy and they don't sass (not much, anyway). Have a great trip to Paris. Mary

Windlost said...

Aww...Happy Birthday to the little darlings. There is nothing like this kind of love.

Anonymous said...

They are so handsome, and I hope they have a great birthday!

Anonymous said...

NO way do I want....the hair, wet, muddy paw prints, waking you up at the crack of dawn to go outside in the freezing rain, the expense! I am so glad I was out numbered on this decision because our dog is so loved by our family-can't imagine our home without him! Happy Birthday greetings from our dog, Woody

Carl Barnett said...

Animals and their interiors would be a book I would love! Safe travels. Enjoy! ~Best Carl

Carl Barnett said...

Animals and their interiors would be a book I would love! Safe travels. Enjoy! ~Best Carl


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