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Monday, December 19


I tend to gravitate towards more neural color palettes for my own apartment. I am really not afraid of color at all, and really love using it in my work with clients. But there has always been something about coming home to a space that isn't overall colorful that relaxes me and calms me down. In a way, maybe since I look at colors all day long this is my subconscious way of not bringing my work home with me?

That said, I have been obsessed with Hermes orange for many years. There is something about it that makes me smile. Perhaps it reminds me of renting an apartment for a week in Paris and walking into Hermes and just falling in love with the color.

I had always kept the idea of using the color in the back of my head, but never really sure where to put it.

Until now.
I took the bold move and painted my toilet room orange. (My sink and claw foot tub are in another room.) In complete honesty, I am not ashamed to admit that we color matched the orange and it came out completely the wrong color. So after painting the space the wrong color (a bad "fruit punch" gone wrong), after a few more samples, we got it just right.

Now I feel like I’m living inside an Hermes box when I go into the room. Would I paint my living room orange like this? I am going to bet on that never happening. But with a powder room or space like a closet or foyer- why not have a little fun and go bold!

It just so happens that orange is the Color of 2012 from Pantone.
Trendsetter? I don't think so. Coincidence? Yes.

I know that I am not going to be living in my apartment for many more years. In fact I have some plans in the works for some changes next year.
So why not play around a bit and have some fun for a while? I am sure that I will have to paint it back to white when I move.

What do you think?
Do you like the color?
How do you feel about orange being THE color of the year for 2012?

I wish that had some fabulous giveaway like an Hermes bag or something like that. Sorry folks. Just me this week and my adventures in painting.


Pamela said...

LOVE it...especially with the black and white floor!

kayce hughes said...

I have never been an orange person but I did put some tomato in the spring line so it does seem like this might be orange's year to shine.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see it!!

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jordan said...

I love it!

katy elliott said...

Pretty with the black & white!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

WC is the perfect place, grant! I can't even remember what color it was before but the orange seems so CORRECT! I always think small spaces like that are the place to be BOLD whether it be pattern or color. What do you have to loose? You're not in there much (hopefully) and can always close the door!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the color...have had my place painted ORANGE/PINK for years:)

Happy holidays, travels.


Jennings and Gates said...

Love it! What is it about that orange? Warm, rich, sophisticated and weirdly- neutral. Great job.

maison21 said...

loves it,grant!

Anonymous said...

Orange always looks good with blonde!

mbwife said...

Funny, when I saw Pantone's color, that was the first thing I thought of -- Hermes orange.
I like it in your WC.
I love orange in general.
I think this color will have its moment as a fearless accent/small space color.

the modern sybarite ™ said...

The color is balsy for sure. Will certainly wake you up when you stumble into the room in the wee hours of the morning. Perfect for this small place!

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

Looks really good. Love orange especially w/ black & white!

Madina Aryeh said...

Your "mistake" looks fabulous!

sierra said...

Orange is my "color of the year" every year!

Love the toilet room color, Grant. I remember a red wall of yours many moons ago.

sierra said...

Orange is my "color of the year" every year!

I love the way the WC looks, Grant. I remember a red wall of yours many moons ago...

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I like it! I actually thought about buying orange Christmas balls this year...maybe you need them!?

I'm with you, I love color but prefer to just switch out my toss pillows and throws, especially in the rooms I spend the most time in. Otherwise I feel like I can't "turn off" and relax!

scone said...

Orange can be great. If you mix the color with magenta and bright yellow, rather than straight orange colorant, it has more dimension and depth.

Alexandra Rae said...

I Love Your Work! Just found your blog through Scot's. I too love color for clients, but keep it pretty neutral in my own home for the same reasons. But after my post on Tangerine Tango, I've been seeing orange for my guest bedroom. Though I think I'll add lots more burnt umber undertones à la Hermès.

Anyway, I'm a long time admirer, but didn't realize it was your work I'd featured on my blog! I'll be sure to credit you for the stellar image in "Emeralds and Black Leather." Merry Christmas!

Jadyn @ Dutch.British.Love said...

I love it! I love how a bold can make a small place feel luxurious and it certainly has that effect in your bathroom! And life's too short not to take chances with color every once in a while :)

pve design said...

I had an hermes orange bathroom when I lived in the city and everyone loved it.....I think orange is chic and looks fun in your WC.
Merry Happy Holidays, full of color and JOY!

Anonymous said...

I have never been a fan of orange until last year. Now I love it. Our tired post-it-note yellow living room left over from a Tuscan phase in about 1996 was looking a bit too like a Nannas room. We introduced lots of fresh white, white woodwork, white ceramics and a huge white drum pendant. But little touches zingy orange, including a pile of Penguin classic novels, couple of candles, couple of Ikea orange throws, and some Veuve Clicquot boxes and it's much more mod. Just need to bring in some greeny grey, and some graphic cushions or orange/white trellis fabric and I'm done.
Best wishes
Cherill W,
Adelaide, South Australia

Leslie Jenks said...

I've been a Huge Fan of orange since the 1960's when my Mom tiled our Bathroom with this shade of orange! She also added a 1940's crystal chandelier and against the white walls it looked spectacular!

Lisa Erickson Design said...

I hope you have Hermes room scent in there (not sure if that exists but it should for you), and that you tie your extra tp with a black ribbon.


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