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Tuesday, December 13


I am sure that most of you out there are not thinking about major construction projects and are starting to wind down he final days of 2011.

I seem to be going in a completely different direction this time of year as you can see from my inspiration shots lately.

Here is what I have been up to in the last few weeks:

Selecting an absolutely perfect stain for hardwood floors (a custom
blend that we came up with)

Shopping for marble slabs for kitchen counter tops

Working on the final design of a custom dining room chair

And really, why not gut your house to the studs the second week of December!


La Maison Fou said...

Oh Grant I am right there with you!
We just installed casement windows,tore a wall down and closed it back up, not to mention changing out our heater / furnace!
My end of the year for clients will be Dec 18th this year.I guess you have to work while there is work out there!
Happy Christmas to you.

Karena said...

Grant you are amazing!! Of course your clients will be thrilled!

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Art by Karena

mary said...

And I suppose that house will be ready with Christmas tree all decorated by December 23? I love those klismos chairs!! Looking good. Mary

Paisley Curtain said...

I want to do it too, but then I think may be should buy land and build a new house altogether. It is so thrilling. Good luck with your project.

Linda said...

Grant! You came up with the best excuse not to decorate or entertain this season. Hopefully your friends are having you over alot (or is this a client?).
Regarding your comment on Habitually've never had pajamas?!
Treat yourself - you'll find out why your Grandpa wore them. And yes, Brooks Brothers with monogram.

pve design said...

I think in an odd cruel sort of way, I will be unhappy to end our renovation. It is fun to live topsy turvy and have endless choices to be made.
How fun that you do this for a living on a daily basis.
Yes, your clients must get addicted to your inspiration.
What charm you have.

red ticking said...

i am also in the throws of it... why not? and throw in a few eggnog lattes along the way... x

Caitlin said...

Such beautiful inspiration! Keep the amazing posts coming.

Anonymous said...

I love it all!
The marble, the saber legs on the chairs.
I want to live in Grant K. Gibson interior!


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