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Wednesday, October 12


The colors of these heirloom tomatoes at the farmer market.

Installing this light fixture in a clients dining room.


This tile pattern on the wall (at Locanda in San Francisco)


Paisley Curtain said...

These heirloom tomatoes will give enough inspiration to last for days. Half of inspiration just looking at them and the other half from eating them.

mary said...

Thank you. The tomatoes remind me of oneness.

Full House said...

That floor is something else..Love it. Also I will have you know that I really did wake up craving a big juicy hamburger.

Have a great day!

J.W. said...

Fried green tomatoes for dinner tonight at my end.

bedroom chandeliers said...

cool picture of tomatoes

Anonymous said...

Love the Ochre light!

Anonymous said...

Those tomatoes really remind me of summer. Now that fall is here, it really makes me miss them even more.


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