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Thursday, March 3

Tony Duquette- One Kings Lane- Tastemaker Tag Sale

Interior designer, set decorator, sculptor, jewelry designer - there were few art forms the late Tony Duquette did not explore.

Discover the stunning interiors, fanciful furnishings, and glamorous past of a design icon.

In 1935, when Duquette was just an art student, Bullock’s department store asked him to redesign its lobby with a fresh seasonal look. Upon seeing his work, legendary decorator Elsie de Wolfe uttered the fated words, “Who is this kid, I’ve got to meet him.” de Wolfe took Duquette under her wing and sent his career soaring.

With his prestige and notoriety on the rise, Duquette needed an amazing space to match.

In 1952, he moved his family and office into the grand West Hollywood Tony Duquette Studios and it quickly became the social elite’s preferred stomping ground. “If these walls could talk,” says Hutton Wilkinson (Tony's long time creative director), “they would scream.” Influential figures like Greta Garbo, Aldous Huxley and Mary Pickford were drawn to the Studio for its creative energy, lavish setting, and convivial crowd.

Duquette’s over-the-top approach to luxury design landed him numerous residential projects around the globe. His style was typically classified as “organic baroque,” but he was no one-trick pony.

This Bel Air residence shows off Duquette’s more modern side and his ability to adapt to the need of a diverse client roster.

Duquette also turned his creative energies toward the Hollywood stage. “He designed tons of sets and costumes for MGM musicals that he didn’t even get credit for,” says Wilkinson, “but the films that he designed from the beginning to the end like Kismet, Can Can, and Lovely to Look At put him in the history books.”

Finding himself in need of a space to relax and dream freely, Duquette bought a 150-acre ranch in the mountains of Malibu and created Sortilegium - a fantastical vacation home that he and his wife, Elizabeth, spent decades building. It was comprised of 22 structures, all in different styles, including “Asian, Indian, modern, and plenty of other styles only Tony could dream up,” says Wilkinson. “It was a very magical place.”

Duquette lived off and on at his legendary Los Angeles house, Dawnridge, from the time he was a newlywed in 1949 until the day he died in 1999. Today his wildly creative assemblage of rooms and gardens is home to Tony Duquette Studios, how celebrating its 70th year in business.

Under the creative direction of Hutton Wilkinson, Duquette’s mesmerizing designs and unforgettable style continues to make its mark.

Make sure to set your clock bright and early this Saturday morning Lane (8am PST) and be logged on to One Kings Lane and check out this extra special sale.

Here are a few exclusive sneak peeks:

I am also thrilled to announce my own SECOND sale with One Kings Lane - mark your calendars for April 30th. I can’t wait to share new some great new treasures with you.

(Photos courtesy of Tony Duquette Studios and One Kings Lane)


camdesign said...

I had never heard of Tony Duquette thank you, that post was so interesting, I will keep him in mind next time I am looking for a new book for inspiration

Cristin @ Simplified Bee said...

What an incredible opportunity for the public to purchase handpicked items from a design icon. Love it.

Love it too that you will be having another sale.

would love to see you soon.


Claudia Juestel said...

I can't wait, as I have always LOVED Tony Duquette's work. Hutton is continuing his legacy in the most wonderful way.



Kathy said...

G...I have the fabulous Goodman/Wilkinson book on T.D., it's my go to for inspiration and courage when I need that little push....he was so fearless! I will definitely be in line tomorrow to check it out...thanks for the notice...k

The Vintique Object said...

Thanks for the lesson on Mr. Duquette. I enjoyed it!

Kate Collins said...

Such an amazing opportunity. I would love to see his Malibu ranch. Did you end up getting anything?

Cleopatra561 said...

Having been to, and actually stayed in the guest house of Dawnridge, I can tell you it is literally heaven on earth. Hutton Wilkinson has continued the extraordinary legacy of Tony Duquette and it is an honor and a privilege to call Hutton and Ruth our friends. This is drop-dead gorgeous, original memorabilia. I could shoot myself for having been on a cruise, out of the country, and missed the sale!

Alison Duffy said...

I so wantedd that blue chest of drawers!!!!


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