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Thursday, March 17

April- House Beautiful

Thank you to House Beautiful for including me in the April issue!

I am thrilled that my bedroom is featured with one of my favorite colors from Farrow & Ball- Drawing Room Blue (253)


It's a fickle light- strong in the morning, just a memory by noon- but these colors can hold their own all day long.

"Because my bedroom faces east, I thought I could be bold and go with a really concentrated color, since the light is never great in the space. This deep cobalt is moody, mysterious. I go into the room at night and it feels cozy. It calms me down at the end of a long day. And there's something about going to bed in a very dark room and then waking up to the sun coming's a great contrast."


Brillante Interiors said...

Again and again and many more rewards to come! Congratulations.

pve design said...

I have always wanted a blue bedroom. What a stunning room!

little augury said...

that Is a gorgeous blue! timeless. congrats on the in print. pgt

Tricia - Avolli said...

Simply...beautiful! Love the color!

melissa davis said...

Way to go, rock star!! xx

Scot Meacham Wood said...


Kathy said...

Your San Francisco apartment, and that fabulous bedroom, had me at "hello" way back then in the New York Times Homes section...I still have it in my files....congratulations on the HB article..k

katiedid said...

Big Congrats Grant!!! LOVE that room.

Mood and Space Design said...

This makes me want to put on some Miles Davis. LOVE.

Anonymous said...

Hey Grant, thanks for the recent blog.

While BLUE in any shade is not a
favorite quick pick for me, I really liked the recent column.
(I think I own only three blue garments...a light blue oxford shirt, a dark navy
suit, and a navy blazer!) Nothing in my home is blue and I've never owned
a blue car. Go figure. But, you swayed my thinking a little. Either you
are strong in your thinking or I am weak and changeable. Maybe a little
of both. Anyhow, I love your ideas...always fresh, innovative, and
clever. Thanks again.

Charles Allen
Daytona Beach, FL

Grant K. Gibson said...

Hi Charles-

Thank for writing as always.
I honestly have to agree with you and the blue. I have nothing blue in my life at all. I don't even wear blue!
I thought that taking this rather bold direction with the blue would be my version of being "edgy"!
I was a little bit afraid to take the chance on such a dramatic color, but I have to say I love it. Give blue a chance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Grant,
Congratulations....... Miss Martha

Martha Angus

The Vintique Object said...

Your bedroom is beyond beautiful. I picked up the magazine today just to see it on the page!

Did you paint it yourself?

Grant K. Gibson said...

@ The Vintage Object- painting is not for me. I had my painting crew do it. They loved the Farrow & Ball paint to work with.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Grant. Looks great!!

Suzanne Tucker

Anonymous said...

i for one LOVE blue and i have always LOVED your bedroom! wonderful to see it again, esp in House Beautiful. Congrats! xx Caroline Yu


Blue is my fave color but I would never have had the style to paint my bedroom such a dark blue. It is DIVINE

The Peak of Chic said...

I am so proud of you! The rest of your home is equally as chic as your bedroom!

A.J.Barnes said...

I love this dark color. I used only F&B paints in my house. They're the best.

Really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

kayce hughes said...

Beautiful room! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Good show!!!!!


Jill Moran said...

I love this color, and am very excited to see it in use in a bedroom! I have always loved it for clothes. It would be great for a tie, gentlemen.
So glad to see you're in print again!

Ideezine said...


Your House is Beautiful...when we expose our intimate spaces we are honest with our external convictions. Live the blue room as it draws out your character as a designer and invites more people in need of what you've shared with! Congrats!


Anonymous said...

That blue. I can't get it out of my head.
Thank you for inspiring me.

Heather (love your space) said...

hey funny! I just found your blog through a blogroll, but your inclusion in HG was what cemented my decision to paint my guest room navy. (It is east facing). You can check it out here, if you care to:

Enjoying your blog already...


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