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Thursday, September 16

Shopping with Michael S. Smith

Well, rumors ARE TRUE and if you haven't heard the HOTTEST news around town- it is that Michael S. Smith is opening a store on Melrose in Los Angeles! It's like a dream come true for those of us that are huge fans.

I had the greatest time seeing Michael's house in Los Angeles a few years back (check it out HERE if you have not seen my tour- it was one of my first blog posts!)

Michael has most recently designed rooms for the Obama's and most recently the buzzed about Oval office (see this LINK in the New York Times if you haven't yet).

I am just flying back from a work trip in Los Angeles- and I am so excited to share these exclusive extra special sneak peeks from my visit to the new store JASPER (named for one of his adorable dogs, Jasper and his fabric and furniture lines).

Can you imagine a whole store filled with everything Michael S. Smith? It's like a dream come true. I know that I will on a plane as soon as it opens (October 15th) with my credit card ready to shop!


VICTORIA said...

You continue to inspire! Congratulations. I can only imagine how excited your are!this is just gorgeous! Can't wait to read the article and the Finished spaces!thrilled to wait!wonderful post!

Capella Kincheloe Interior Design said...

When Michael first started he had a store called Jasper. So the new store is named after a dog named after a store.

Ideezine said...


Thanks I'll add to my iPhone list of todo's for October.
Sounds exciting.


Cristin @ Simplified Bee said...

Love the name and love his work. Sure to be fabulous. Thanks for sharing.


ps- I am around in October for lunch too & know I owe you an email.

Windlost said...

He is brilliant. I can't believe he's doing a store, but it makes perfect sense and will be very profitable. He can do no wrong by me! Lucky you to get to visit.

xo Terri

jennifer ament said...

Ooooo- Cannot wait!!!


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