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Tuesday, November 24

2 headboard for sale!

Can we say Oooops!

My upholstery work room just put the wrong fabric on two brand new twin headboards!
This are a wonderful fabric from Lee Jofa (linen) with a great birdcage Chinoiserie motif.

These would make a great pair of beds in a girls bedroom or a guestroom.

If anyone is interested- please email me and I would be happy to talk about a great price for them.
Or maybe there are two people out there that each want one? That would work too.

Brand new and so pretty (still at the workroom in SF)- a shame that the mistake was made- but now trying to make lemonade with the lemons!

See designers and people make mistakes. It happens!


maison21 said...

thank god it wasn't a SOFA mistake, or custom casegood mistake- that really smarts! *he says knocking on wood and about to make an offering to the design gods*

pve design said...

oh, those would be dreamy in the right spot. I can picture the room! I am having a chair re-upholstered and I am saying a prayer that there are no mistakes!

Mélanie said...

Lucky me , my dad is my upholsterer so when he does a mistake , he redoes it !!!

katie said...

Are the headboards still available? I'm currently redecorating my 2 daughters room and these could work great...thanks...Katie

Grant K. Gibson said...


These ARE still around.
Please give me a call or email me at grant (at)



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